Monday, June 21, 2010

Probable late gifts for FATHER'S DAY

Happy Fathers' Day to all daddies! I already have given my husband our silly gifts to him 2 weeks ago, I blogged about it here and I think he was happy when he received it. Yesterday, we had a celebration with our churchmates in Costa Sands Pasir Ris, they had barbecue party + swimming. I am still thinking of what to give to Marvin for father's day. It will be a late gift already but it doesn't matter.

Here are the things I am planning to buy, buy one or buy all! It depends! LOL

1) Lacoste Swerve Sneakers. He has the white/blue version of this but still wants the black one as he wants more comfortable shoes when playing guitar - well, when stepping on his guitar effect pedals. It should be black because they wear formal attire at church, so the shoes even if it's rugged will compliment. It won't be too obvious from a far anyway.

2) His old time favorite cologne. He feels more handsome if he uses this. LOL

3) Dry cabinet. We've scout for the cheapest but good quality of this few months back but he hasn't reminded me to buy him this yet again so I think it would be best to have one soon so he can protect the fortunes he already have on lenses. LOL
I haVe bEEn BLEsseD wiTh a LovIng and reSpons|ble hUsband. He deServes tO be HaPPY and enJoy God's bLess|ngs in ouR Lives. 

UPDATE: I bought him instead Creative speaker for his Ipod. :)


  1. hello sis, thank for following me.. merun western union dito sis. Actually western union ako pero wala kaming card, di sila nag issue. passport lang id namin dito if we send money..

  2. @Charmaine, pwede ka kumuha ng membership card girl. hehe. baka lang. nyehehe.

    @ marice, typical naman ang amoy girl. pero yan love nya kaya ibigay


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