Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Vacation ON!

Yay! At exactly 11 AM today, I am on vacation! :) I already sent an e-mail to my clients, greeted them a happy Christmas !:)

Got no plans so far. I want to go and have some more shopping but I'm looking forward to our HongKong trip on the 28th. I need budget! :) So in the next days, I will just be at home, planning to stay up late at night and wake up late as well! Best plan evah!

Merry Christmas everyone! May the blessing of the Lord continue to follow you everyday of your lives!

Remember, JESUS ♥ YOU!

Blessings ♥

Monday, December 20, 2010

I did it and it made me happy

I wrote this blog, TO DONATE OR NOT TO DONATE : BLOOD  April 2010 expressing my desire to help save lives. As mentioned there I always can't find the guts to say YES to blood donation but with God's help I was able to do it last Thursday. That day marked a special event in my life.

The Red Cross public blood donation drive was held at Raffles MRT. I went in to ask nervously but eventually received wholeheartedly the log book they handed to fill in the form and answer some questions. I was given the sticker, "Be gentle, I am a first time donor" sticker. After they validated the form I was asked to check my weight then transferred to one of the nurses who pricked my finger, I guess that is for blood typing, not sure, the nurse is a Filipino. He told me to relax he felt my hands are cold and pale. I was indeed nervous. On the waiting area, the facilitator was asking everyone - left or right, each one of them answers, but I was clueless when I was asked. I just said right without having the idea if it is beneficial to draw blood from my right arm.

So I lay down on the bed, still feeling uneasy. Red cross volunteers and donors are around me, taking pictures, they seem enjoying so I try to relax. The nurse said I won't feel the pain as I will be given anesthesia. I didn't take the pic when they put the needle on, I was asked not to look. I managed to take a pic right after.

Look at my bag, it is halfway full after less than 5 minutes! haha.

 And in less than 10 minutes, it is full! I am just overflowing of blood! As I said, this is the blood of Christ through mine. Whoever uses this will have a blessing of life, declaring it in Jesus name.

My father needed blood transfusion before. I can still remember that even he is type O, the most common blood type, he still had the hard time looking for a donor and still needs to wait for my brother from Manila to arrive and give his blood. It is really a big help to someone. Whoever you are, may you find my blood useful.

And that is the needle, still inside my vein. The nurse suggested I took a pic before she removes it. :)

Whew! That was not so bad. It was really easy.

And they served refreshments. I was asked to sit for a while, get as much food as I want. I just took an orange juice and when about to go, the guy handed me a pack of Milo and biscuits. I brought it home to Hershey. :) We were also given a10 tablet Iron supplement.

Also, a special 2011 planner was also handed out plus 1 free ride to the MRT. :) Not bad. I wasn't expecting anything actually. I was there for a cause.

So I am again able to donate on May 2011. I will not miss that opportunity. I will even encourage my husband to come with me so he can experience how overwhelming the feeling is.

I know this is a long read but I want this post to encourage everyone who is healthy to help save lives. This is really something useful for someone. You are extending lives.


Blessings ♥

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 days before Christmas

15th of December 2010. 10 days before Christmas and I am excited. ☻

Making a list and checking it twice...

Done with Hershey's gifts under the tree. We got few gifts for her.We bought her a giant kitchen center, a doll house, leapfrog learning toy, crocs shoes, some clothes and more to come.

Done with small boxes to the Phils

Next is to buy my special but not so expensive gifts to hubby and Manang Ji-ji, Hershey's nanny. I'm buying Marv his study bible. :) And Crocs shoes for Ji-ji

I am buying i-dont-know-what for myself. I'm preparing for our Hong Kong trip so I am on tipid mode even though in my heart I want to go home with lots of shopping bags. :)

I hope not all is like me. Hope everyone will have a good time shopping your most requested Christmas gifts.

Blessings ♥

Thursday, December 09, 2010

GT: With your special one

Hey it's GT time! :) Joining the girls again on this week's topic, Going with your special someone.

I always miss my husband. Even if we are just in the house, I always want him to sit beside me while I'm watching my favorite telenovela, now it is Imortal, or while I am playing with our child, eating or just simply doing nothing and relaxing in bed. Gusto ko sya lagi inaasar! :) So wherever he goes I want to be with him as much as possible and like other sissies, when you have a child, it will be plus the kid which makes it more fun.

This is us having our date at Seoul Garden, our favorite. :)We love buffet dining and SG is one which tops our lists.

And us again meeting during our lunch break at Burger King. Our office is just one train stop away so we sometimes meet to have a date.♥ We both love eating! We love grilled patties! :)
And roaming around the city with H. ♥

And that's him with the little one watching Disney On Ice at Singapore Indoor stadium.

Blessings ♥

Friday, December 03, 2010

Last Christmas on Mommy Moments

Signing in for MOMMY MOMENTS!

This Friday's theme, as this is the first Friday of December, Mommy Moments wants to look back on last year's December. I don't have lotsa pictures to grab right now but these two I got from FB Mobile. :)

I will try to upload more tonight.

This is Hershey behind our red themed Christmas tree last year. She asked us to take her a pic on the tree with the Santa hat. :)

And since I will be updating this later on and upload our pics at Orchard Singapore last December, I want to add my picture above taken at Takashimaya during that time. They are displaying this huge LV bag which I think can house my whole house! LOL. This display last December at Orchard was a hit to both locals and foreigners. Can you imagine that? LOL

Will upload more pics again soon.

Happy Christmas.

mommy moments

Blessings ♥

Prepare to know the Truth! FACE OFF

This is one of the major events our church  has prepared for and as it gets nearer, 2 days to be exact, we are all pressured and at the same time excited. Our guest speaker from Nigeria has arrived and oh man, the way he prays, heavenly. I met him last night during our practice and he lead our closing prayer, it looks like I am attending a crusade. He was not a loud type of preacher but his prayer was sincere and direct, undeniably anointed.

So this Sunday, we will be presenting a stage enactment with narration on common issues the youth are having today. We tackled pornography, virtual gaming addiction, wrong relationships and showed famous people who in their lives one way or another have gone astray. I am just amazed on how the Lord is blessing this, and how we know He will touch many lives with this presentation because while we are on our last days of practice, we can see how the devil wants to stop this. There are times that our sound system will just go off, send out noise, our video and music wont work, me being the narrator tatters and can't breath, etc etc. It is nice to know the devil is affected. You LOSER! LOL

So today and in the past 3 Fridays, the church is into prayer and fasting. all for the love of the works of the LORD.

God bless us and I pray the Holy Spirit to move upon everyone.

Blessings ♥

Thursday, December 02, 2010

TREND: Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood

There is a new trend in Facebook, it says " Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday there should be no human faces on Facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for violence against children."

The first thing that comes up my mind is Snowhite, as she is Hershey's favorite and I am doing it for the love of children. That is her. She's indeed pretty.

And this trending has nice effect to me, I chatted with my friend Jen reminiscing childhood memories. This instantly became a nostalgia. We talked about He-man, She-ra, Carebears, Rainbow Brite, etc! :) Don't forget the Smurfs, Chipmunks, Popeye's. These are all cartoon character of the 80's.


 Do you still remember the He-man crackers/junk food that oval in shape before? It was a hit.
Who would miss, Princess Sarah? LOL. 

But, do you remember who is this? A bit challenging, I know I remember him but I just can't remember his name. Marvin guessed it in no time! 
To all my friends in the blogoworld, did you also change your profile pic today? If not, do it now!

Blessings ♥

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Good Job, Hershey! Well done!

Happy December 1!

Wow we are 24 days before Christmas! and 27 days before our major family vacation! ♥ But! I am not here to talk about Christmas instead, I want to share how I am happy with what my daughter can do now at her age. She is turning 33 months on the 4th of December, will be 3 years old on March 4th, 2011 - which by the way I am preparing for emotionally and financially, I want to throw her a Disney Pink Princess party!

Well, I just want to share these two pictures below: 

At her age, she can very well write letters H, A and L - S is on the way, I can say she will be able to write it well soon too. She just needs to focus and practice, she anyway learned H/A/L in one try. Like what her teacher said, her fine motor skill is very commendable. She observed this when Hershey is doing her Montessori materials like lacing, beading and stuff. I can attest to this, when she was 8 months old (that's her age when she started drinking Yakult and eating Yogart), she can insert a Yakult's straw in it's hole. That is 8 months old. :)  See how small the starw is! LOL
Now, she can draw a face, a funny face. See how defined the parts of the face. :)

She is also a master of word/picture puzzle. The first time she tried it, she already know the the way to fix it - fast! That is her 20 word/picture puzzles. She can finish them in no time. :) Even if you give her 8 letter word with picture, like elephant, she gets it right away. She identifies letters and sounds that comes with it.

It is not a waste of money if we buy her these educational toys, she really enjoys it. She finds it challenging and happy when she gets a tap at the back when she finish it. Well done, Hershey! Good job! Very good! You are so smart! Wow, what an intelligent baby! You make us proud! These are the things we tell her often. :) It builds her confidence.

Proud of you Anak, you are indeed doing a great job, topping your age development, you are advance! May the Lord bless you with much knowledge and wisdom as you grow.

Blessings ♥