Monday, June 07, 2010

Lunch date ♥

Was suppose to eat lunch at my desk as our house helper prepared fried rice+fried egg for us (hubby also) but already about to eat when I found out that the rice was spoiled. WT! Last minute option at 12:30 PM is to ask Marv to join me for lunch here near our office.
I brought him to Golden Shoe hawker center. It is very crowded although smells good with different cuisine and surely the food prices are affordable here. We can't find vacant seats so just decided to eat somewhere else. Got this sample pic online of Golden Shoe.

He said he wants BKK instead but on our way to Burker King we pass by Subway and without thinking twice went in for our meal. I ordered Tuna classic on honey oats bread + all vegetables with Southwest Chipolte and lotsa mayo! Marv had subway melt but felt unsatisfied after eating it so he again ordered 6' cold cuts. :D

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I had a great time with my husband just talking with him almost anything under the sun (like we normally do). Told him too that we should have a Subway date from time to time starting today. So we'll probably to that every week. :)

After Subway, we dropped by Brownie Factory and bought Fudge brownie! We shared 1, ♥♥♥ :D

I  love today with hubby!

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