Thursday, June 03, 2010

world cup shirt day

     So do you know WORLD CUP? Are you a fan? Because, I am not. :D I don't watch it and never experienced the excitement of it. If I'm gonna say this out loud in the office they will tag me with the big L! Sorry I was just not introduced to the sports though I am a little familiar.

    I think some of my Britton colleagues are booked to watch the finals on i-dont-know-when-and-where. Hehe. Just happy that today, MD MM bought everyone our own world cup shirt. I got an England Kit - Womens short sleeve shirt.
Tailored by Umbro in England
I heard mine costs 89 Sgd. Ooohhh... Expensive! And I got nervous when they were asking MM how much and that they are going to pay for it! Don't you ever think about that because I don't want to this anymore if i have to pay! No way, high way! LOL 
Ofcourse it's free. These people are rich anyway. LOL

I'll take pictures of everyone tomorrow including myself because it's world cup shirt day!

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