Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Father's day is coming soon!

Is it? I am not sure when but I was obliged to think about my gift to my husband when I received a promotional e-mail from 

I have been thinking of what to give to him on that day after he sweetly gave me my favorite cologne scent from Body Shop last Mom's day. I am sure though what he wants for father's day is something he can enjoy and that is some guitar paraphernalias. Hmmmm... a guitar pick maybe? LOL. That wouldn't cost me too much.

When I saw the sample product Artscow is giving away for promotion, I thought this something that he might happy to receive.

So I made two designs immidiately and was able to check out my order after 30 mins. So fast ah! :D

Two neckties for him. Blue and Pink. Hehe. I remember he mentioned that the pianist at church has a necktie with musical notes design and he just loved it. What more if he sees not really our faces, but our daughter's cute smiling faces on it? That will be just perfect.

As for the pink one, I really cannot think of any other design but while I browse silverlight design kit I saw Love Forever template which I decided to use to incorporate our "forever love" as a family but it turned out it won't be for us. I added more words, Hope - Prase - Glory which are obviously linking to the highest One. LOL. I like it better.

I already have paid for it and just so excited to receive it I hope soon.

Happy father's day to all daddies and mommies, please think of your gifts to your loving partners NOW!:)


  1. Waa! I feel so stressed! LOL. I don't know what to give to my Hubby yet.

    Love the blue necktie. It looks so unique. I didn't know you can have neckties customized nowadays.

    Re: Sis, I made the digital scrapbooking at You can download the screen quality of the scrapbook for free but the resolution is not suitable for printing. If you want to download the print quality, you'll have to purchase it first from them.

  2. nice, ayos ah... =) Super mamahalin ni marvin ang gift na ‘to I’m sure…pero, wait….nababasa ba nya blog mo? Pano yan, hindi na surprise?

  3. hey golds, ill check the online scrapbooking. excited na ako. :)

    monds, no he doesnt read my blog. told him i got silly gifts from him this father's day and he can't wait na! :)


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