Friday, June 04, 2010

Uniform Friday

Alright! So almost everyone, except for JG (said she totally forgot), wore our worldcup shirts today! The atmosphere in the office changed, everyone was excited and happy! As if all those cursing days when they lose a trade were forgotten. Funny. Just a background, I am working on a brokerage firm. When you are on a trading industry, every offer on the trading floor is a potential deal so they work their ass to get the deal done now. It costs thousands of dollars for each broker to do 1 trade. So when they missed even just one, they go mad! Literally. Curse words were almost normal but when you see a broker lifting his monitors and throwing it away, or pull out his handset and break it, kick and turn over their seats plus yelling, I'm telling you its crazy and scary but eventually I get used to it. :D

So as I've mentioned in my last post, the managing director who is a Britton bought the 15 of us (in the office) our worlcup shirts and today we had picture taking. I brought Marvin's DSLR and took pretty nice shots.

This is with JG and I took the pic so I wasn't there. :D
JG took photo this time so I can join them. :D
and this is my solo picture. :D

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