Friday, August 27, 2010

Is it easy to brush your kids' teeth?

It's not as easy as 1-2-3 for us although there was a time that it wasn't a problem at all. And that was history, when she was younger, when we still can control her. But recently, this has been a daily challenge.

Few months ago teeth brushing became an every day/night drama. There came a point that we have to hold her hands really tight, try to make her head still and make sure that she doesn't kick us with her feet - just for us to have few seconds of cleaning her teeth. We will win but as expected she'll cry with frustration and hate! She would even push herself to vomit because she knows we'll get mad, as it is very difficult for us to feed her with milk, and she'll think we won't brush her teeth again because we don't want her to do that of course.We face the dilemma hoping and praying that this is just a stage and she'll get over this soon.

On the weekends, as she loves to swim, we prepare her mini-pool and brush her teeth first before she can enjoy the waters. We saw it was effective. She would just sit and let us clean her little teeth. 

She uses 2 brushes, 1) Braun Electric toothbrush - Snow White, 2) Oral B Stages.

She has 3 variety of toothpaste, Oral B Stages (apple), Colgate Kids (strawberry) and Pigeon (orange)

And since last last week although we have to get her attention first, at least she lets us do it. :) We can brush her teeth now without crying and yelling. We are so happy.

Thank you Hershey for listening to mommy. Thank you for still being a good girl. I'm sure you don't mean to test mommy and daddy's patience, I forgive you. :) I'll show you this post soon so you get updated of your being a terrible cute 2!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Philippine pride, Venus Raj - Miss Universe Beauty Pageant 4th Placer

So after the sad event that has brought the Philippines to shame (which i don't want to talk about here because again, it is a shame) we receive a news that the Philippine Miss Universe Venus Raj made it to the top 15 most favorite by the judges, final 5 of the pageant together with Mexico, Australia, Jamaica, and Ukraine, then eventually the 4th runner up on tonights big event, August 24 (Manila Time) at the Mandalay Bay Events Centra in Las Vegas.

Although she didn't get the Miss Universe crown tonight, still we are proud of her. :)
Miss Universe : Ms. Mexico
1st runner  up : Ms. Jamaica
2nd runner up : Ms. Australia

3rd runner up : Ms. Ukraine

4th runner up : Ms. Philippines

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My 2 year old, a preschooler

When my daughter turned 18 months old (usual age Singaporeans bring their kids to playgroup/enrichment classes) I was then in serious hunt for a playgroup around our area but with the below criteria:
  • It should only be a weekend class, once a week
  • It should start late, 10am ideally
  • It should teach phonics, music, arts, etc :)
  • It should be near our place
  • I don't like the gym type class, she might lose weight
Playgroups here usually is  equal to a daycare center - whole/half day care for children 18-24 months. Although they also learn phonics, sing song and play but since they are there half/whole day, part of the routine is also their nap and feeding time guided by the teachers. Nap and eat exactly at the time their teachers need them too. I think this is ideal for parents who can't stay at home with the kids and those who doesn't want or cannot hire a house help.I just feel it is tiring and an early pressure to the child. Well, for me at least.

It was very difficult to look for the best (according to my own criteria) for my child but thank God he has provided one. Hershey is enrolled at ACES Montessori KIDZ and is finishing her 1st term. I enrolled her to the Mom & I program when she was 25 months old.
This is her at the door, her first day to school. She's super excited on her first day!
 It is a once a week/weekend class , the program includes Montessori Language and Phonics , it is very near our place , and class starts at 915 which is also fine. It passes my criteria so I was happy. She will be starting her 2nd term in August and she loves going to school.

Threading before the class starts. :)