Monday, June 28, 2010

JustAcia : Affordable but good food

Last week (Wednesday, 23rd June) hubby and I + Hershey went for a date . We were suppose to eat at Subway, as we have agreed on before - from this blog entry but the plan has change when we were roaming around Downtown East - the mall is just few walks away from our block.
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 It was a last minute decision, Subway vs JustAcia and hubby finally decided to dine at JustAcia when we reached the place. This is my second time to eat there and Marvin's nth time. :D My first experience was very good so I don't have any problem with dining here again. Their menu includes both set and ala carte meals. What good about their set meals is that it comes with free flow drinks (hot coffee/cappucino/lemonade/icedtea/soda) and ice cream + it's affordable, I think price starts at S$6.90. If you choose ala carte, ofcourse it has big servings compared to the set meals but you have to top up S$2.50 for free flow drink+ice cream.

Like the first time, I again chose ramen + crispy chicken meal with kimchi! La-love!

Daddy ordered pork-katsu

The place is also kid friendly. They have playing area so Hershey can play while waiting for our food to be served. :) Just look at how happy she is...

Try, I assure you, worth the money! :)


  1. yes dear, not a problem at all. :) go go na!

  2. yes monds, it is. try nyo sa marina meron. anywhere acutally.


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