Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"I'm only four", she said

Blogging while in the train! :)

Just remembered the other day, we were watching Battlefield America (the movie about dance and kids in DC) when I told her I agree with what one of the mommies said, I said, "Anak tama yan, ganun din kami sayo. We will be there to support you. Now you want ballet then you said you want Karate, minsan swimming din, maybe someday you'll choose to learn piano, maybe when you grow older photography, and the list goes on. Okay lang yun but remember school must be first, priority anak."

I was almost emotional looking at the bored Hershey, her hand on her chin. When I was about to continue my preaching, she looked at me and said, "Mom, stop it! I'm only four!" Toink. Sira ang drama ko! Oo nga naman. Fine!

I told her dad about this incident at tawa din ng tawa ang daddy.

And here is my 5 y.o. almost 5! hmp! love you baby!

Blessings ♥

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Monday, January 28, 2013

I wish I have nice skin :)

Some people are blessed with nice skin. Men or women who doesn't need interventions of a specialist to look pleasing without make up. I AM not part of that population. Ha ha. Sadly, I was not gifted with poreless skin. Instead I am suffering with pigmentation, uneven skin tone all over my face. Sometimes, I call myself dalmatian. Ha ha! Urrgh! I hate these freckles!

It is really not obvious on some of my photos but really, they are there. I have been contemplating on sitting down and have a beauty expert take care of my face (to be clear, my skin. haha) but because I am prudent (naks, mahirap kamo!) I always end up cancelling my appointment. Kasi naman ang mahal dito sa Singapore, dollars ang presyo! Well, of course! Try going home to the Philippines to undergo all these - the price would be the same or more, including your airfare. Deym! I'm already talking to myself. Kakaloka!

I think I really need to decide now. Found a blog which discussed about the experience with David Lo Surgery. I think I will give it a try. I called their clinic this afternoon making sure the price is right. Ha ha. I just want to make sure I can afford their services before going there, of course. The clinic offers Obagi facial packages. I have noted the price and I think I can do it. Obagi is my best bet! Ha Ha. I have scheduled an appointment on Saturday!

Sana nga ito na! I wish I won't have cold feet! I just want to feel good about myself, confident with my face (SKIN! Ha ha).

The Lord bless me! 

Blessings ♥

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Monday, January 07, 2013

What were wrapped under our Christmas tree 2012

What gifts have you received last Christmas?

Before the 25th of December, I made sure we have gifts wrapped for a number of people. I had a list. Let me share with you what we gave out.

First on the list ware the Kor bottles. Ordered online with free delivery.

Pashmina. Very ideal for working ladies. This is perfect for the cold temperature in the office. :)

WEAR HIS WORD shirt. Very ideal for Christian friends.

Photo Credit to owner
Crocs shoes and slippers.

Charm bracelets for those hip and hop friends.
We also wrapped bedsheets. Home scent diffusion. Socks and neck ties.

Photo credit: Internet

Photo credit: Internet
Photo credit to owner

Those are some of which we had on our Christmas tree and were happily given to family and friends.

And for kids, we gave them  school bags, water bottles, books and some outfits.

We love to gift as much as we love to receive.

Blessings ♥

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