Thursday, November 04, 2010

GT: Grocery Shopping in Singapore

I'm joining GT again! This month's theme is one of the women's natural talents, shopping! And this week is grocery shopping addict! haha. Ofcourse, these are our household essentials we are buying for so even if we don't want it, we dont have a choice.  ☂

I usually go for a grocery shopping every week. That is every Saturday, right after my daughter's weekend class. I love grocery day! It is also a family bonding for us.

What do we usually buy? Well, I actually have a list. Something like the below but simplier. Hehe.

 1) Fruits and Vegetables (as much as possible, organic) Fruit is Hershey's friend since 4 months. We squeeze apple, oranges, pear, rock, cantaloupe or sometimes mix it with carrots, grapes, or whatever is available in the fridge for a perfect mix. So we make sure we have enough supply for her. She drink 2-3 times a day.

2) Dairy - Eggs! :) Fresh milk, cheese...
3) Meat - Bacon, chicken, pork, beef
4) Seatfood - Bangus! Salmon, Batang, etc
5) Canned and frozen goods - bacon again, corned beef, sausages, sweet ham, siomai, etc
6) Snacks and tidbits - chocolates, fruit juices, softdrinks, doritos! icecream, etc
7) Bakery - Gardenia, cake
7) Non food - soap, napkins, tissue rolls, toilet paper

and a lot more! Whew! :) Every end of the month we buy supplies of detergent soap, shampoo, conditioner, Hershey's diaper and milk, rice, etc etc.

Grocery shopping gets a big bulk of our earnings. As I said these are essentials so we really cannot do anything with that. Let's just enjoy grocery shopping! ✿

Pictures to follow. :)

Blessings ♥


  1. Right on! Enjoy grocery shopping. It truly is fun! =)

    The Ultimate Grocery List.. Whew! That's one long list.

    Happy GT Thursday!! Hope you could drop by my blog, and drop a comment, too.. Salamat. =)

  2. woo!! complete itmes yan Sis huh!!!
    happy shopping ^_^

  3. complete talaga ang list ha, tsaka grabe ang cool nung list sa pic above kasi kung pwde lang sana, check mo gusto mo bilhin bigay mo sa cashier at bag boy sila na bahala mag grocery ahahah

    mine is up here:

  4. Hi Hapi, I giggled when I saw this post kasi my mom, my sis and I went grocery shopping today and our grocery list has never been this detailed! ☺

    Now, I am thinking this is perhaps a very good idea since it's really complete and we can edit out non-essentials.

    And natuwa ako cos grocery shopping (more than REAL shopping) is also our bonding time, my family and I.☺

  5. ay naku, grocery shopping is one of my fave thing to do, parang dito lang ako nakakapag unwind, hheehe. aisle to aisle ang lakad ko and I take my time. parang ito ang break ko sa pag aalaga ng 3 makukulit na bata, at isang teen ager na isip bata, hehehe.. I like your list ha, need ko rin ata yan, kasi madalas marami akong nakakalimutan eh..

  6. hmmm.. impressive list you have there..

  7. groceries eat out a lot of mommy budgets:))) especially if there's formula and diapers on the list.

  8. shopping is not so fun if budget is very limited. but anyway, it's one of our responsibilities - to make do with the budget we have set aside for groceries.

  9. it's good to know that your kid likes to drink fruit and/or vegetable juice. i have yet to buy a juicer because i really want my daughter to acquire that habit of drinking natural juice too :)

  10. Canned and frozen goods are a must for me. I wish I have a list like yours! Mine is just shorter.


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