Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I did a Product Review and won a price!

It was my first time to create an entry about a product available online. I created a new blog for this type of request, I also would like to join some bloghosphere contests sometimes so I want this blog to just be a personal one.

Here is my entry, snapit-screen-capture REVIEW

I did that and it was not a joke! Digues sent me a gift for doing it. :) Here's more,

A giveaway for my readers will be given if they also create a review in any blog/forum/twitter/facebook, etc, and contact Digeus with link to the review, julia.taylor [at] digeus [dot] com

Also, please follow my new blog! :)

See you there!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Liam, succumb to cancer

We have been praying for him. but the Lord said Liam is better to be beside Him and we have to let go.

The boy was only 2 years old+ when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer in childhood and the most common cancer in infancy. There were no serious signs for him. Liam grew to be a normal boy, I saw his baby picture, he looks very healthy and chubby. It was only when they went home for vacation in the Philippines, his grandfather thought that his way of walking is not normal. So immediately when they arrived in Singapore, they requested for a full test and he was diagnosed with a cancer. I'm sure it was heart breaking for the parents and his relatives. He underwent procedures to fight the cancer but after few months, Liam gave in.

We saw Liam at church. Actually, it was only his dad first. He was invited to attend and join us in faith that God can heal his son. He was reluctant at first but eventually realized that, God is God.On his last few months, instead of resting, Liam attends the church service. He eventually picked his favorite songs, one of them is my brother's original composition One Day. See an excerpt from the lyric.

♪"One day, we will meet Him face to face.  ♪
In the place ♪ called paradise, where my Lord reside..." ♪

Now he is gone. He is with the Father who loves him so much.We may be sad today but in time, we will be able to move on. In time his parents' will heal their wounds.

So long LIAM. Thank you for the time you shared with us. We have learned a lot of lessons in this journey. My only regret is, I wasn't able to touch you. Or just even shake your hands because I was afraid I might hurt you. I wish you have known Hershey. You might like her, she is a nice girl.

See you whenever we can. Kiss Jesus for us.

Neuroblastoma is a cancer that forms in your nerve tissue. It usually begins in the adrenal glands, which sit atop your kidneys. It may also begin in your neck, chest or spinal cord. The cancer often begins in early childhood. Sometimes it begins before a child is born. By the time doctors find the cancer, it has usually spread to other parts of the body. The most common symptoms are
  • A lump in the abdomen, neck or chest
  • Bulging eyes
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Bone pain
  • Swollen stomach and trouble breathing in babies
  • Painless, bluish lumps under the skin in babies
  • Inability to move a body part
Treatments include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a combination. Sometimes before giving treatment, doctors wait to see whether symptoms get worse. This is called watchful waiting.
NIH: National Cancer Institute

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glee Season 2 Premier

I was able to watch it via ChongsLiveStreaming website. Thank you. :) I was so happy although I wasn't able to really watch the whole episode because I am at work and I was busy that time.

The 1st Episode of Season 2 is Charice' debut at GLEE.  Charice Pempengco is playing the role so Sunshine, the foreign exchange student from the Philippines who will be the vocal rival of Rachel. And it was just so right. :) They sang Lady Gaga's Telephone. Promising! :) But sad as Charice will be with the Vocal Adrenalin after they gave her mom a green card and a condo! hahaha. Funny.

I was a bit (just a bit) :) proud of Charice representing the Philippines in Hollywood's hit TV Series. Although not everyone like her, well me, I am happy for her. As they say she was already a star before she became popular. Thanks to Elen de Generes and Oprah. She has reached everyone's dream in no time. She is on top of the Pyramid now.

I was able to get a print screen of one of her appearances. She is on her locker, Rachel went to her to give her the schedule for the Audition, which by the way is the title of the first episode. And her first line, "Thanks!" Hahaha. How cool is that? Aaah, not really. LOL

So hope to catch up with you again next week, Charice and of course, looking forward to some great performances from the GLEE casts.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

GT: Greens

Oh la la! Thank heavens I had a chance to open my blog today and just right on time, GT! :)

This week, GT is into green. Green is my second favorite color. This is my mom's favorite color! Hehe.  Green a relaxing - it reflects the trees, plants, the nature.

Since I am in the office, I'll just have to make use of whatever green stuff I have here.

My lunch box, Biokips BPA free
Stabilo Highlighter pen in green
Scott facial tissue in green box

Are you into green too?
Girls Talk

Friday, September 03, 2010

GT is into RED

Okay, so for this week GT is into RED.Something RED. I should have posted this yesterday but I wasn't ready. Aw. sorry girls.

So there, my solo picture wearing my red tank top. Grabe! I look fat! LOL. We were kite flying then on an open lot right infront our block. That is me also with my husband Marvin and little one, Hershey. This is the only pic I found where I'm wearing RED.

I love red. Look at the last photo. I actually planned to take a pic of my blackberry in RED silicon cover using my Samsung digicam but I realized Samsung is red as well. So I took Marv's DSLR and took a pic of these two things. To my surprise the IKEA candle holders on the the living room's center table are also red. Hehe. So there.


Thursday, September 02, 2010

My first Longchamp Planetes 2 - EBONY

Hello world!

I am again sharing the blessing the Lord has given upon me through my husband. We celebrated our wedding anniversary late, the dinner and gift giving were late. Nevertheless, it is better late then never. We still enjoyed it very much.

I will upload pics and share you stories where we had our anniversary dinner next time. Today I am sharing the blessing I received from God, Marvin's gift to me. We bought it just the other day, the 31st. Just in time for his salary. hahaha. We were around Orchard to check my dream bag, a Longchamp.

I am happy.

We were with our friend Ruth. She is the church pianist, on vacation from the Phils.

And that's me filling up the membership card of LongChamp Paris. :)

And us in Paragon. :)

Bag kung bag! Til the next blessing.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The starbucks latte today is a treat from my God

Good day.

I still have drafted blogs saved and I wish I could finish those soon and share to the blogosphere.Well right now, this is just a quick note. I just had a realization of how faithful the Lord is.

I posted this note in FB, I said it is really amazing how the Lord can be a God of small things as well. I had a little prayer this morning, I wanted a latte from Starbucks but I don't want to buy it from my own pocket. I was busy, so thought of just doing my daily morning routine, have a cup of 3-1 coffee. But the Lord didn't let the time pass by without catering to my sweet small desire. After a while my boss asked a colleague to buy Starbucks for everyone. Whew! I didn't think twice, when asked, I said I want a latte, medium. :) After few minutes, I've got a sip of my morning blessing.

It was really not a serious want. I didn't even really pray but I know I want it. I am not a starbucks drinker myself because I find it expensive. :) It is not just my thing to do everyday.

So I am happy because 1) The Lord answered my little simple desire. and 2) I was sensitive with the works of the Lord. If I were not, this testimony will just pass without me sharing this to you.

I think it is always better to be grateful for small and big things God is giving us. The starbucks latte today is a treat from my God.

What a heavenly experience. :)