Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Potty Training my toddler

Last year, a friend gave me an e-book for potty training, I read through the first few pages but thought it was complicated for me. Sorry. Also my daughter was just 1+ year old that time, thought I might as well try it when she turns two - although I believe it's also good to train them early, maybe i am just lazy. :D So even if there is no serious training for Hershey, I am already introducing this idea to her, from time to time when I am at home I don't let her wear her diaper anymore and instead tell her to let me know if she has to piddle or poo. For many times she won't really tell me she will but run to the bathroom and exactly at the doorstep, she would yell with frustration, "Mommy, wee-wee na!". I felt she really feels she failed me and herself and so encouragingly I would tell her she'll do better next time and she'll smile back and ask me to wash her instead. :D

Weeks ago it has been a discussion in our online FemaleNetwork forum and I thought of looking into this again with H. My other friend bought some training pants for her kid to start their potty training. I thought it was a good idea but I don't want to buy first. Let me just start with a heart to heart conversation with my child again. So I sat down with her and reminded her about it.

I get the nanny involve, she can guide Hershey when I am not home. The solution, we didn't let her wear diapers at home anymore and just time to time ask her if she wants to pee. It was not successful at first, come weekends, I was at home and the first pee for the day (morning) she asked me to take off her underpants, "Mommy, wee-wee." Happy! And the same scenario the whole day and the next. So now, Hershey is officially potty trained when it comes to pee-ing (til the present).

Hopefully we can train her to use the potty chair when poo-ing. :) She's a smart kid anyway, I'm sure it will not be a problem.

P.S I can't think of the best place to put her potty chair. I thought of placing it beside her shoe rack, near the living room and in front of her room door. LOL It's the most convenient place for her. Nearest to her playing area around the house. She can just run/sit on it easily.


  1. yes sis. it's really a great milestone for her. :) mind you, there was no formal training. we just made her understand what she needs to do and she did.

  2. oh, i don't take the photos on my model poses posts. i just seek out great shots from flickr that are related to what i want to stress when it comes to posing. :)

  3. hahaha...good strategy! i thought they learn to use the potty for poo-ing before weewee. i hope my baby learns to use the potty soon :)

  4. for sure mare masasanay na yan! slowly :) si rob ngayon nag weewee na magisa e heheh

  5. @jelly really? poo-ing first. nyehehe. i didn't know.

    @marice, derecho na sa banyo?

    we don't use diapers na kahit sa labas for as long as naka poop sya. :)

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