Monday, January 10, 2011

Missing Victory Christian Fellowship

It was the other day when I felt goosebumps seeing Ptr Julius Fabrigas on FB. He was the preacher most of the time on the 5 PM service at VCF Galle. Then I realized, I missed going to that church, hearing their type of preaching.

VCF has made a huge difference in our lives. God has used this church to make my hubby become interested in the Christian faith. We have attended several churches but it was with VCF where he had encountered a deeper touch of the holy spirit. I am glad we found a little family there. We knew Mooch and Joey Mantes. They were our cell group leader although we only shared little time with them but Mooch and Joey became Hershey's godparents. We still communicate until now and we still feel very close with each other.

Missed you VCF. May the Lord continue to use you inspiring other people's lives.

Blessings ♥


  1. that was very nice. i hope yo find time to attend the church again..

  2. ^ kim, thanks a lot for always dropping by.

    Yes, i do hope talaga. God bless

  3. do you have a church that you attend there in singapore? i heard that there is a CCF in Singapore..

  4. Is there a VCF in singapore?
    Cause i really want to go the church.

  5. Sorry my reply is overdue,

    Chris, yes we have. we have a filipino church here. our pastor is my brother.

    arkangel, yes there is VCF but it is called every nation and they do services at vivo.


      Sunday Services
      GV Max, Vivo City | 1st Service: 9.00am | 2nd Service: 10.30am
      Parent's Room | 1st Service: 9.00am | 2nd Service: 10.30am
      Kids Church | Hall 5-7 | 1st Service: 9.00am | 2nd Service: 10.30am
      EN Youth Service | Cinema 12 | 10.30am
      EN Central | TAB@Orchard Road | 6pm

      Prayer Meetings
      Sunday | Parents' Room Cinema 4 | 8:00am
      Tuesday | 50 Macpherson Rd #02-01 | 10:00am

      Church Office
      50 MacPherson Rd. #02-01 Singapore 348471

      Address: 7 Upper Changi Road North S(507705)

      If you are visiting at Salvation army, you may look for me :)

  6. Hi, would you know po if may service ng weekdays..kasi i have work on Sat and Sunday..I really want to attend and listen God's message. Thanks for you reply.

    1. hi sis. no idea. but our church has every Friday baka gusto mo. email me hahpiness at Hotmail. tc!


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