Tuesday, September 27, 2011

iPad accessory for kids and grownups alike

Speck introduces iGuy - the freestanding foam case for iPad and iPad 2 with tons of personality! Every bit protective as he is a blast to use, iGuy is the perfect iPad accessory for kids and grownups alike. He's lightweight, easy to hold, and he can stand on his own two feet, even while holding up your iPad. [source: website]

I first saw this from a GT friend [K] and another GT friend [A]. Looks cool on their children's ipad and I think it really is the best way to protect the iPad when iPad becomes your kids toy. Thank you girls for sharing. I didn't find one in Singapore so decided to order it from Amazon and after 12 days, we received ours.
Bought two, the other one is for a friend, also Girltalker based in Singapore. We are meeting today so I can hand her the green guy. It's super cute!

The iPad 2 is safely in. Hershey loves it is green. She likes green. :)
She's playing Smurfs
Looks cute, H
She asked me why can't iGuy walk. Please Honey, that's too much to ask

Get one for your kids now! It's cute while it protects the gadget. :)

Blessings ♥

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

It happened again. Not cool.

My daughter has been attending an afternoon-2hr-class everyday in a preschool near our home for a couple of months now. I decided to enroll her on a daily class because I don't want her to get bored and not learn anything when she is just at home the whole day. Both my husband and I work so our daughter is left at home with the maid. We tell our maid to use flashcards, play music, and use books to work with my daughter while they are playing but it's not successful all the time. My daughter knows what she wants to do and unfortunately Manang Ji-ji is a follower of Hershey. She does what Hershey ask her to do,  literally. Sigh.

Last month her  refusal to attend her class started. It was a big issue on our part because we thought she enjoyed school so what could be the problem that all of a sudden she dislike it. My work was affected, I had to ask permission to work from home for a couple of days to personally send her to school or her Dad would go home during lunch break to do the same - just to let her feel that we support her and that school is important. We spoke to her teachers. To the school admin. They told us that H is attentive in school. She participates, she responds and she seems to enjoy everyday. We asked if there's a possible bully that could have threatened her but the they all disagree and said that their class is the most gentle group there is.

So what could have caused it? I don't know, really. Her teachers talked to her and that somewhat helped the situation. She obliged and seems to be back to normal. Fast forward last Monday we are facing the same problem again. We thought because her constipation is back [thanks to gummy fiber which helps resolves this soon] so I said fine, she can stay home on Monday. Come Tuesday, her Nanny has to take get a cab and secretly take her to school, and today, we can hear her wailing on the phone. She seriously doesn't want to go to school again. This is really a pain.

Tomorrow, Hubby and I decided that he goes home for lunch to bring the kid to school and I work from home on Monday so I can do the same. My gulay, this is not a good thing.

I'm still checking what is the cause of this, I've been searching online but there is no clear reason behind. I hope this is the last time she is doing this.

Fingers crossed.

Blessings ♥

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Monday, September 19, 2011

H and Mum on the sidewalk

I am joining Mommy and Me - Mondays

The goal is to take a picture of yourself and your child/ children once a week. Hmmmm... This is really quiet exciting. I am looking forward to our special picture together every week and the entries of moms who are also joining, how we'll have the best time with our child.

For my first post is a picture with my daughter having a 'funny' night together. Sorry it's a bit dark and grainy. This was taken around 8ish PM on the sidewalk of Changi Beach Park. We were waiting for the cab which we booked 15 minutes ago and we feel like waiting there forever. Since we are bored, I tried to entertain her by making faces or just do whatever she ask me to do. We even danced under the moon that time. Her Daddy took this pic for us.

I can still hear her laughter every time I see this picture. I love being with her.

Hosted by Krystyn


Blessings ♥

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

my 29th

Hello! This is my first entry at 29. :) So you know [so you know talaga!] I turned 29 years old in the most beautiful day of September, the 10th. =) I had a simple celebration at home with my family. My parents are here for vacation and it was nice to have spent it with them.

I initially planned to have dinner somewhere but I will be paying for at least 12 people and just thinking of the total bill makes me cry - it won't be a happy birthday anymore. I wanted a steamboat buffet dinner but budget wise, it wont be ideal. I instead decided to buy our own steamboat/bbq grill where we can bring buffet at home. Spend a couple of hundreds for it and the food, at least I get to have my own grill - which we can use over and over and over again. =)

My mom and Manang Ji-ji helped me marinade and prepared the food. I bought teriyaki sauce for marinade but whatwe used mostly were soy sauce, pepper, vinegar and some sugar. I guess the taste turned out fine. We had fish, pork, beef, veggies, shrimp, tempura, etc. =) I enjoyed it, my guest for sure loved it because every time they take a bite their reaction was like, "wow, sarap!" "sarap ng fish tita!" and the likes. Ha Ha.

I had 2 cakes. :) Blueberry [Sheng and Bry] and Tiramisu [Desc family] cakes, gifts from my guests. Hehe. And of course Angry Birds cup cakes which my hubby chose, I think those were already his gift to me. Salamat na din. :)

Thank you Lord for the new year ahead of me. May you continue to guide and provide. :) Salamat po ulet.

Blessings ♥

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Monday, September 05, 2011

In my heart

I am browsing through Facebook today until I saw a line from one of my favorite songs. Then my head started singing and then my heart said I should blog about this so I will be reminded that today, this time, I worshiped the Lord.

I sang the song in my heart.... <3

Ikaw lang ang pag-asa ko
Tanging ikaw ang buhay ko, Jesus
Kahit ako'y may pangamba
Basta't ikaw ang kasama, panatag na.

Kahit kailan, di ka nagkulang
Biyaya mo sa akin laging laan
Pag-ibig mo, saken walang hanggan
Iniibig mo ako noon pa man.

 Kaya't ikay sasambahin
Paligid man at mag dilim, Jesus
Kahit may suliranin man, ang lagi kong aawitan
Ikaw Lamang


And I will praise you always - for everything that you have given us, Lord. We don't deserve all these blessings but we know that because you are good and your love is real, you let us enjoy what you think is best for us. Tama nga ang sabi ng kanta, KAHIT KAILAN DI KA NAGKULANG. I can only think of blessings upon blessings in our lives but I can't recall a day that you turn your back on us because there is none. You are always there. You even spoil us and we love it, Lord.

Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I praise you my God. I worship you for your goodness. You alone deserve all the highest praise! To you all glory belongs.

Title: Kahit Kailan, Di ka Nagkulang.You may search this in Youtube. 

Blessings ♥