Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How dare I

How dare I browsing photos of my late mother in Facebook? Tonight, I lost to loneliness again just like the other day, and days before that, and before that.

Tonight, I wanted to scream but I know no one will understand the pain and longing i feel.

Blessings ♥

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Confession of a K Drama-rama Addict here

My hubby and I have been addicted to Korean drama series lately that sleeping at 4 AM in the morning is already a norm on weekends. They're irresistible that we'll stay late just so we can watch the most episodes in a day.

It started with Descendants of the Sun (DOTS). I'm sure you've heard about this. On it's last two episodes now, this series has been phenomenal. We then started watching Songkwunyuk Scandal (SKK) because were impatient in waiting for the next episodes of DOTS, as my husband said "I need my daily dose of K drama".

After that was Rooftop Prince where I cried and fall in love over again. Just last night we finished The Girl Who Sees Scents and started My Love from Another Star (MLFAS). Believe me, we can't leave the lounge easily, we're so hooked watching it online.

I like Micky Yoochun so much that I have his photo favorite'd on my phone. Haha. That photo from The Rooftop Prince. Tell me now that if this is not worth it. 

Nevertheless Ive observed that getting so hooked with this brings bad side as well. Addiction itself is already one plus it affects work, it's difficult to concentrate and I use my break sometimes to continue watching the episode online. Our initial plan to go back to Japan for vacation has now has been crossed out and instead we will go back to Seoul instead. It also has lessened my time with the kids. Haha. Im beginning to be a lesser responsible mother now! Forgive me, children. Haha. Blame your father. LOL

So I'm promising myself to change - after MLFAS. Ill start to forget Yoochun and just show all my love to my husband. Hahaha. Over!

Maybe he can pass as a pinoy Korean boy too! hahaha.

Blessings ♥

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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Fridge them not

Hey you house makers like me! Do you know that there are certain food that should not be putting on the fridge? When we do our groceries, it's been a norm to put all easily perishable items on the fridge to preserve them but there are some which we don't have to. 

You can google about this rule on the kitchen but what I have on my lists are potatoes, onions, ginger, bread, garlic are some of those. But where to store them so they wont be a clutter on your kitchen? There are a lot of storage ideas from Pinterest but if you want the basic container, a rattan basket would be good.  

As for me, I originally used my glass bowl. It looked okay at first but when we have a lot, it just cannot contain them all until I saw this stainless basket from Howards. I think it looks better and holds more. Now it's neat. 

You agree?

You agree?

Blessings ♥

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Monday, March 21, 2016

I really dont know where to start again

That is exactly what I thought when I went online on this page again. It seems that I went on a permanent hiatus. Uh, uh. i used to be able to blog often because I got time at work but with my role now, its just impossible. Its the same thing when Im at home or with the family. Im just loaded with other stuff to do but, I wish to be able to blog again. There are just too many beautiful memories to record online. The Lord has been really good to us, you know. And I'm not talking about the happy moments alone but also the sad and complicated events which completes and gave colors to this human life.

I want to share about my daughter, Hershey's 7th birthday last year and Halle's 2nd birthday celebration in Japan. These events are huge and for the first time, I didn't  prepare for a party for Halle. Yey! Im changed. Haha. We went abroad instead.

And then, Hershey had her 8th birthday just few weeks back how time flies. She had a two day celebration, she was happy.  While me doing some additional touch up on my kitchen. Me redecorating Hershey's room, and many more.

As much as I want to continue typing more on this entry but I have to sleep. Its almost 1 A.M. and I have gastritis attack since this afternoon so I better rest. Still got work tomorrow. 

Take care and see you again.

Blessings ♥

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Today - Nanay knows best

Today my heart aches because i miss my mother. As i prepare my daughter for school, they are to wear their country's native costume on racial harmony day so she wears a Filipiniana, I am just humbled because as I fix Hershey's hair, check that her clothes look good on her, prepares her accessories, sandals that would go with it, memories from my own childhood flashed back before me. I am no different than my mother. I remember that in every school occasions, when we had to wear costume or come to school in casual clothing, my mom prepares for it. I may not have the most beautiful or expensive attire but surely i come neat and prepared.

With that, I left an impression to my grade school classmates that I am well loved. They say that every time there are occasions in school they would expect me to come well prepared - i come to seize the day. Haha. I may not have the most beautiful costume but surely I'm not the last and I appreciate that. Just hearing the comments from former classmates that they too remembered those makes me appreciated my mother more.

I once asked some kids in our community here in Singapore if they wear their Philippine dresses, Filipiniana or barong for boys during school events and they said no because they don't have. I was like, what? So you wear what? School uniform while the rest walking and roaming school looking nice and pretty? They say yes, and tries to shrug it off. I don't blame the mothers but i actually blame them. Haha. Because its not compulsory they just don't care or maybe I'm just a stage mother. Just as my mom. 

So i don't know until when would my kid want to wear such in school but as long as she wants - will do. Its not too much anyway so more to come.

Thanks Mudrabells for showing me to love my daughter with some extra toppigns. Love plus more. 


Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Christian Grey

I am looking at myself in the Ladies' room mirror in the office and I think I look nice in the long sleeves dress Im wearing. Whats even better is i bought this on sale from H&M. But then I remember Christian Grey. He was judging Anastasia Steele by how she dress up, describing her outfit as cheap from maybe H&M or Old Navy when she appeared in his office to interview him.

 Oh come on! What does it make me now? Even worse coz I got this on sale? I so hate you, Christian. Really.

Love, Hapi