Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I ♥ Brownies

My office is near Raffles Place and I'm a brownie lover but it is only today that I saw "The Brownie Factory" at basement of OUB Center during my lunch break. Unbelievable! I drooled and felt heartbroken when I saw their store. I drooled because I want to eat now and heartbroken because I don't have cash and I don't think I want to withdraw money from my bank account because I am trying to save. Amp! I called my husband and cried ( over! ) on the phone because I want him to buy me one, not later but now! He just laughed I feel irritated. Grrr.                                 
Because I really want to devour and I feel happy eating it, I went to the nearest ATM to get some cash. I bought Best Seller # 4, Original Chocolate brownie for starter.

I finished it before I even reach our building. Sad. I'll drop by again before I head home later. It's addicting.

                                       photo from Travel Webshots

 Also last month, my GT friend LUZ brought a box of walnut fudge brownies from Becky's kitchen, her pasalubong from Manila. It was out of this world taste too! It's actually more delicious than the one I just ate. :)

Love you brownies! :)


  1. I'm also a brownie monster like you. Yay! Those look super yummy. Aww, you just made me crave for one.

    Lots of love,

  2. thanks for the comment, sis. i want to try to bake one someday. :)


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