Thursday, June 10, 2010

I ♥ GLEE Season Finale

So I watched it earlier here at work and I just la-la-la-love it! This show is really addicting because it knows how to capture the hearts of the audiences.

The season finale was heart melting, it brought tears to my eyes. It was full of emotions, 1) Quinn, the pretty ex cheer leader gave birth to a beautiful baby. Of course I can relate. :D So much love of a mom. 2) Although they lost the Regionals, the New Directions did a great performance. They made me love Journey  even more (especially now that their lead vocal is a FILIPINO. Arnel Pineda ). 3) New Directions appreciated the effort of their coach, Mr. Schue. 4) Sue is not that bad at all. She loves GLEE!

I don't know what is instore for us for the next season but it will be for sure worth watching!

We'll miss you for a while, GLEE!

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  1. Glee WAS a tear jerker! I recorded it and just watched it tonight. I miss Glee already! :-)

  2. ^ LOL. i downloaded it so I got a copy here. ill watch when im ready to cry again. *sniff*

    missing it already too. :D

  3. so glad you wrote about this, and i can't believe i didn't. wasn't it just a-mazing! love that show to pieces. can't wait for season 2.

  4. ^ oh, another gleek right there! cant wait either! :)

  5. I agree Sis! The Glee season ender was really super. I download these shows so I can watch them anytime. The storyline is really blah but the productions are great!

  6. happy to see you here jellygleek. :)

    i can't agree more. :) they are all talented.


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