Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Transition : New nanny in the house!

Today starts the day of adjustment for my daughter with her new nanny. Shiela (S), Hershey's 1st caretaker for 2 years finished her contract so now replaced by someone my mother recommended from our province.

Shiela took care of Hershey (H) since the baby was only 3+ months old so they have really bonded so much. She was imported, from Bacolod to Singapore. :D
My daughter also is not fond of drinking milk (whatever the brand, flavour, where ever you place it) and only Shiela can let her drink milk. She distracts, humor and satisfy H with her flashy assurance that they can do this that once she finishes her milk. H buys it! But Shiela misses her family so much. She left 5 children in Bacolod in care of the father who likes instead to take care of his pet chickens and fume than looking after the best for his kids. Sheila saw the pictures of the kids attending H's birthday in BCD and they look not so nice to her. We didn't opt to extend S's contract because we want her really to go home with her family. We saw the situation and it would just be fair if the mother is with the family to care of it.

The new nanny, Ji-ji arrived in SG 1 week before Shiela's schedule flight. 1 week for H to know her and for shiela to train her. It went well, Ji-ji can feed her without Shiela but there are times H wants S than J. H also likes playing with J, she just calls her by her first name. :D

So this morning when Shiela is gone, J brought H to the playground where they usually drink milk with the 1st yaya but H was just crying looking of "Nanang" (She calls Shiela Nanang/Manang, dialect for big sister)

Marv accompanied Shiela to the airport. Thank God her baggage was tolerable, I don't want Marv to pay or her to pay for excess baggage for some old clothes she wants to bring home. They hugged and for the last time before she enter the immigration, she said, "si Hershey" and tears flowed. aaaww sad. We will surely miss her. She has been a great help to us, with hershey.

Report by Ji-ji at 1:25 PM SGT, she finished her milk, 11 ounces and ate rice + meat loaf. happy! That is all I need to know.

Thank God she drank her milk. Yaya is putting her to sleep now. She'll drink another when she wakes up at 5 PM and anohter 11 ounces before going to sleep.

Really thank the Lord for keeping me sane.

Pictures below, Hershey with the nannies. Shiela in red and Ji-ji wearing plain white shirt.

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  2. I hate changing Nannies. I get so attached to them that I treat them like a family. I hate watching them go. I'm glad because I only changed Jam's Nanny once. I hope our second nanny will stay with us for a long time.

    Lots of love,

  3. Hey Gold, agree. I hope our daughters' nannies are really for long term.


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