Thursday, June 17, 2010

Singapore Freak Flood 16th June

Many areas in the shopping district were flooded this morning around 9.20am.

Large stretches of Evan, Stevens and Bukit Timah Road were flooding as well according to an online Straits Times report.

Traffic was impassable at some parts of Stevens and Evans Road as floodwaters went as high as half a metre, the report said. It also mentioned that shopfronts at Serene Centre, Bukit Timah, were affected by the floods.

AsiaOne reader "Beanie976" said in all the years they've worked at their office in town, it is the first time they have seen floods of this magnitude.

When contacted, a security guard from Palais Renaissance said that the flood behind Orchard Towers along Claymore Road has since subsided.


There was a sudden panic in our office. It's like everyone can't believe this has happened in Singapore. The peaceful, catastrophe-free (they say) country is experiencing this now. :D I called home when I saw the pictures online, I talked to my daughter asks if shes alright and she was just talking about her jellyace and that she already took a bath. They are safe. :D


But I was informed that last night these stores are back on track. As if nothing happened lights are on, everything is clean, back to business! Streets are all cleaned up. Now, that is Singapore.


  1. hi there, returning the favor :-) thanks for the visit. following you now. hope everything is okay now in singapore.

  2. Thanks, sis. :) yep everything's okay now, i think.

  3. Hi Happy! Glad back to normal na.

    Boyfie's cousin is working at Orchard. Lucky off niya that day.

  4. I wish Philippines could be like Singapore when it comes to sanitation. Glad to know that you and your family were safe.

    Lots of love,

  5. hi Natalie! wow surprise to actually see you here. hope you are doing okay.

    buti na lang off ng bf's cous mo and prob if he was driving. lagot.

    correct, golden. sobrang bilis nila maayos. thanks, dear.


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