Monday, May 30, 2011

Hershey and the movie Tangled

Have you watched the movie Tangled? We missed to watch it on the big screen, my hubby just recently downloaded it so we actually watched it late, months behind the rest of the world but it was fun watching it in our cozy home. :)

I was a fan of Rapunzel when I was growing up. I remember my siblings narrate the story to me, reading it from my most favorite Rapunzel book.  I wish I can take a picture of that book and show to everyone but anyway, we watched the Disney's movie creation and my husband and I liked it. My daughter was actually the reason why we had it downloaded. I wanted to introduce her to Rapunzel, the girl in the tower, the girl with the longest hair. But to my dismay, my dear daughter didn't like it that much. Three reasons she cared about
1) Rapunzel didn't wear a very nice pink gown
2) why is she not wearing her shoes
3) why does she has to cut her hair?

Hershey is so biased with pink. She thinks everything that is pink is pretty. Everything that is pink is beautiful. She likes those stuff with glitters, princesses, castles, feathers, gowns, etc etc. That's the reason why she questioned the gown and the shoes.

She liked Disney Princesses. Her first love was Snowhite, then Belle then Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel and Cinderella.

But now, she loves the fabulous Barbie. I used to buy her anything that is Disney Princess, even went to Disneyland HK to personally meet them but there's a change of heart now. All pink, all pretty.

She likes Barbie's dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. She like Barbie's beautiful hair. A ponytail hair is called a Barbie hair too. Ha Ha Ha. That is why it was a big deal that Rapunzel's boyfriend cut her hair. *sigh*

See the latest photo of my daughter, taken just last week. I asked a picture of her and pose like that. Effortless. That's my little Barbie, my little Princess. <3

So we will watch Tangled again one of these days. I won't stop until she realized the story is nice anyway. :)
Blessings ♥

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicken Inasal, nostalgia

I had a great night with with my ex colleagues at MSN 2 days ago. We had dinner at Makansutra in Marina and Starbucks right after.  As usual, it was a great time of laughing and sharing. Reminiscing and cheering. I hope to do this again soon, wishing there would be more of us together.

My sister at church on the other hand texted me saying she has something for us that night - she will specially bring to our house some food, lumpiang shanghai and chicken inasal, desserts like fruit salad and leche flan.
I was ecstatic reading her messages especially that she is bringing inasal for us. Yohoooo! I've never had a real inasal for almost 2 years now so hubby knowing that i missed it already just kept it on the fridge and planned to serve it for brunch the next day - and it happened we shared a piece of inasal. :)

While the chix is being re-cooked I was also preparing the dipping sauce, just Maggi chili soy plus calamansi. We don't have sinamak, the Ilonggo most famous spiced vinegar, so we improvised.

I immediately tasted it as soon as it was ready. The effect was different. It was nostalgic. I had my ratatouille EGO moment. Everything just seemed to have stopped and my childhood memories ware flashing back like crazy. Ha Ha Ha. My neighbors, the street stalls were we usually buy these from. We may eat the same food everyday but we can never get enough of it. Bonnga lang. Look at Ego below.

I only remembered taking a pic right after a few tastes. Sorry it seems obvious so got to explain why it looks like that. :) I wish I could taste you again, my love. :) haha. Inasal, FTW!

Blessings ♥

Friday, May 20, 2011

A terrible Flirt: My version

 Dropped by At the Well today and bumped into A Terrible Flirt post. :) I read it fast and every revelation I can relate.

Were you a flirt during your younger years? As for me, I can't deny it. My friends could read this post and stone me to death if I say I AM NOT. Absolutely I am. I am guilty, you may throw a stone on me for that! :) I am most of the time one of the boys, my high school wasn't so flirty, I didn't need to. I enjoy the company of my friends and having a boyfriend  who would take advantage like guys usually do is a No-No. That was my thinking although I think I had one. Nyehehe. I was very ideal when I was in high school until I realize, I have to experience the excitement and pleasure having a boyfriend or even just being with guys around. I officially became somewhat a flirt when I was in college. I belong to a block section where they said there are only 5 girls in our class which our classmates or other people would have an eye on. And me on that 5 included. No offense to the rest of our block mates but that is what the boys said. And these 5 are mostly flirts. LOL

But nobody, I mean we have never heard anyone called us flirts because we still pass our subjects. We mingle with our guy friends comfortably, no one took advantage. There maybe some bad moves we made but for serious matters that may ruin our super nice reputation, we don't flaunt it. We just like to tease our classmates, those who said we are pretty decent to be their dates. I even enroll my self on an Engineering class for my advance summer subject because I thought there are more ruggedly handsome men there and I was mainly right! Well, we were just having fun or being playful with these guys but no touching, no kissing, no petting, etc. We were just BIG TEASERS.

Fast forward when I started working, my flirting has lessen a bit but my boyfriend who is now my husband knew that I can be his nightmare. I was 50% less of a flirt but the boys around me now are more aggressive than I thought. This time, they are dangerous! I am a little safe because most of them knew I have a boyfriend. Actually I have this colleague who I found cute, just cute I'm not planning to really pursue him, but eventually discovered the obvious that I am flirting and he told me, calling me by my first name, "H, please don't ever think about that. I saw M pick you up yesterday and you rode on his car. So you know, he was my band mate. We used to be on the same band back in our high school and college years so I practically know your man!" I was like, whatever! LOL

And I think now I am enjoying the memory. Nostalgia it is. I am NOT a flirt anymore. I think I don't know how to now and it just doesn't make sense for someone like me who is married and has a kid to play around. Neah... It is not a good story to tell anymore especially I am a believer.

I had my time. I've been there, done that. READ THIS!

Blessings ♥

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Too busy hating? Major face palm

I am researching about the update on Japan's nuclear crisis and reading report from CBN about Naoyoshi Sato, a member of a small Christian community who heads the task of fixing the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex when I stumbled upon one comment on the post that I find very funny. By the way, Christians in Japan are asking the global church to pray for Sato. They say he needs God's wisdom and strength to endure the potentially crushing burden of averting a nuclear catastrophe and stop the radiation leaking from the plant. -

The guy on his comment said, Spartacus Mar 22, 2011 at 1:00 pm  (+0)

Is it not Christians around the world respond to events requiring human intervention for the preservation of the species.... Red Cross, Salvation Army, Samaritans Purse, Convoy of Hope, Operation Blessing...etc.....I'm still searching for the other organizations to respond with aid...Atheist United....Planned Parenthood....GLAD....ACLU... PAGANS ARE US...Witches & Warlocks....You know...all of the ...HATE GROUPS seem to be missing in action....too busy hating to get involved I guess... LUX SIT.........LAUS DEO....................AD MAJOREM...DEI...GLORIAM...

I paused for a while and thought, this guy has a point. I never heard or read from any news about this "God haters" helping out during big or small tragedies that is happening in the world. Where art thou? True... Too busy hating to get really involved. :)
Major face palm!

Blessings ♥

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's my name on the card now!

This morning, I was so excited to open my package from London. Well, from our office in London. :)  This is actually the second one this week, they just love mailing something to me when I could also get that personally there. Save their time and effort. *wink*

When I opened it, I wasn't really surprise because I know I will receive this soon but what I am excited about  is the fact that I will have my first set of business cards. LOL. I've been working here in Singapore as an IT professional for a couple of years now and I am on my second company but this is the first time I got my very own business cards, with my name on it! LOL

 I stayed for about a year or so in my previuos job but my request for the cards came late since right after a week or so, we got retrenched. Ha ha. But I have one now! I am ready to meet clients again and exchange business cards with them. Watch me! :)

Is it obvious that I am happy?  He he. I am just thankful and grateful that I have my own card and I'm happy to distribute it to all who needs it. I just wish I can put a Bible verse on it so that anyone who reads it will be blessed by the Word of God. :) I'm so sure my husband will envy me! :)

Such a blessing. :)

Blessings ♥

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Not my Mentos moment

I deserve those shoes! You want to know why...

Dahil isang araw, umuwi ako na walang sapatos ang isang paa. That was really embarrassing. Nasira ang strap ng isang sapatos ko. Nasa train ako nun, I was praying sana dumikit sya ulet hanggang sa maka sakay ako ng bus pero hindi nya na kinaya. Ika ika ako and slowly lumabas ng train, nag escalator at nag paa palabas ng MRT station. My next prayer is, sana di ako makita ng mga kakilala ko kasi nakakatawa talaga. :-) Trip ko sana mag Mentos moment pero wala e. Nyehehehe.

Pag labas ko ng station, I hurriedly called home and asked Manang Ji-ji to bring me a pair of slippers and after 10 minutes, to the rescue ang humble tsinelas ko! hahaha.

I showed it to hubby and naawa sya saken. Expect ko talaga yun. hahaha. Ayan, bili na daw ako agad ng gusto kong shoes! Wag ko na daw gamitin yun kasi baka masira ulet. sweeeeeet. <3

Lesson learned, uhhmmm.... check your shoes from time to time, some of them has probably shown the sign of aging, fix them soon enough before this thing happen.

Blessings ♥