Monday, October 25, 2010

Singapore haze 10.2010

Singapore haze reached the unhealthy level last week when the Government warned everyone to stay indoor. Those with conditions such as chronic heart or lung ailments may experience more discomfort because of this. Those without heart or lung issues may just experience eye irritation, sneezing of coughing. 

The haze started clouding the skies last October 16, I remember last Monday while waiting for the bus I told my husband what's up with the haze on the highway, he said it's just fog and we just realized it after a few days when haze reports were all over the news. 

I took some pictures on my way home last Thursday. I took this from the bus going home.

 This picture was taken October 21st from our flat, 9th floor of our building, around 5 PM

Haze in Singapore was attributed by the fires in Sumatra brought in by the prevailing southwesterly winds.Today, the Pollutants Standard Index (PSI) level according to the National Environment Agency of Singapore is at 37 as of 12NN which is on the acceptable level. It went up as high as 96 on Oct 22. More info here, 
This is how it looked like at 12NN today (Oct.25).

I wish this smoke will all go away soon. It is really not healthy for everyone for little kids, old people and people who are already suffering lung and heart issue most specially.

♥ Singapore. This is our home right now.



  1. what caused the haze? may forest fire ba?

    may bulkan na pumuputok sa indonesia right now diba?

  2. forest fire reens.

    they reported an earthquake last night. caused by the volcanic eruption nga.


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