Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Target of Criticism

" Iam a sinner, saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. I have been however, unless I die to myself, I will remain as I am. If I will not share Jesus then, who? If not you then, who? "

This is the message I received from a Christian friend. She is someone who is more vocal and shameless when it comes to sharing her faith than I am. She would even post on her Facebook an invitation to accept Christ which is normally done at church. hahaha. My brother said, it is a shame for Christians to say they are Christians when they can't even speak about Jesus to anyone or don't even know a verse in the Bible. Like they say we are on Jesus generation now - if you believe that Jesus is God, say it! If you understand the necessity of it to those who doesn't know yet, you will work double time.

But being so expressive and blunt with your faith makes you the target of the enemy most of the time. You are the target of judgement by people who enjoys looking at somebody's fault and talk about it. You see we are all sinners and we sin everyday but if you have the Christ I have in my life, you will consider sin as sin and deal it with your God.

You don't go around people judging them because they don't do things in your way. It's man's standard anyway so it's not a big deal. Remember that Christians are not people pleaser but God pleaser. God's ways are not our way so let's spare those who like sharing their Christ to others. Maybe that is their calling. For as long as it doesn't hurt you, let it be.

Like Rod Parsley said, "The anointing attracts the favor of God. It also makes us the enemy's target - so don't be surprised when you're in the world's crosshairs."  This is for those who are being attacked of their being vocal about God. It is I think better to be criticized for being blunt than surprising your closest friends that you are indeed a Christian. "Ay, Christian ka rin pala?!" Face palm. That actually is still acceptable but just make sure that in front of God, He will identify you as His.

And also to those who are trying to live a Christ like life, remember that you will be an object of criticism so be careful with what you do and but for as long as you know in yourself the true you, go on and just pray. Love those who criticize you and don't do the same to them. Just continue to love and pray for them. We are still lucky to only have this kind of condemnation, remember the early Christians, some were burn alive, beaten and crucified, or even became the meal of lions and tigers because of their confession of faith. And most, remember your God who died for you also died for those you think are hurting you. So just don't stop sharing the good things the Lord has done in your life. There are more people who are blessed by what you share than people who just like to be your critic.

Like this guy said, 4ever_on_faith GARY VALENCIANO
"People often judge and condemn others for the very things they are guilty of themselves. God does not see u the way man sees you. Worry not."

Be blessed.

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