Friday, October 15, 2010

Craving for something? Inasal for me!

I have been craving for chicken inasal this past few weeks. Our maid cooked one which was okay but I wish I can have the real one, please?

Chicken Inasal is a grilled chicken best done by Ilonggos, local residents on the western part of the Philippines. I am a true blooded Bacolod native, I was raised and born in Bacolod City but living far from home for the last 7 years. Inasal can be chicken thigh, wings, liver or even gizzard. We went home in Bacolod last March 2010 and visited one of the local restaurants which serves original and very tasty inasal.

You can make your own inasal by simply marinating chicken pieces with unique blend of spices and grilling them under coal and fire.There are a lot of available recipes over the Internet which we you could follow. In Manila, there are numbers of restaurants that caters inasal, you have, JT's Manukan owned by the Bacolodnon Joel Torre and Bacolod Chicken Inasal to name a few.

Sigh. I just want a piece of pa-a (chicken thigh) dipped in sinamak (spiced vinegar), rice with chicken oil, sabaw ng cansi (soup) and coke! Saraaaap! Burp! :)


  1. waaahhh...namiss ko ren ang chicken inasal...

  2. I love inasal! There's a Mang Inasal in our building and I got so addicted.


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