Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Year celebration at Disneyland

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Whew! So just a few minutes ago, I finally confirmed our hotel booking for our trip to HK this December. We are flying via Cathay Air on Dec 28 to HK and spend our New Year at Disneyland. How nice is that? I have prayed for this trip a year ago and asked God to let us experience new year celebration the Disneyland way and in about 2 months time my faithful God has approved it and we will be able to experience it now. We will be residing at MetroPark Kowloon hotel for 4 night. Now I can start working on our itenirary. My friend Jennifer gave me their last year's family HK trip itenirary, so I will just be basing ours from hers. :) Such a copycat! hehe.

I am happy and excited yes but if I think about the figures I have paid, airfare+accomodation, I already want to cry. waaah! I didnt expect it would cost this much. I wish Cebu Pacific sale seats are available here but what the heck, I've booked and paid for them already. So let me just see the other side of the coin now, to look forward for a happy new year! We also hope to meet my MIL there. She will be coming from the Philippines.

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Hershey is already excited. She is excited to see Snowhite in person, she's just so inlove with her! She said she would kiss and hug Snowhite when she sees her. I really hope she wont get scared. She has 2 PINK winter jackets, boots from New Zealand (a pasalubong from her godmother) and new pram! She just needs few more shirts and I am getting ready too as it is colder in HK during this time, we will have to prepare few layers of clothes to warm us up. This is a major vacation for our family.

We will have our Christmas celebration in Singapore then off to Hongkong for the New Year! So, what's your plan this holidays? Advance happy Christmas and let's all have a blessed new year! :)

Thanks Jesus as usuall for making this possible.


  1. wow.. sama!..hehe for sure super Happy ang New Year nyo. Super excited na si Ershi..

    got an award for u mars.. check it out here


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