Friday, October 08, 2010

Longchamp Limited Edition, Eiffel Tower

Welcome blessings!

This is Marvin's wedding anniversary gift to me! :) I received it the other day, it came straight from Paris! Beautiful...

My only rant is, I think it's too big? Or it's just me? I am used to my LC Planetes Med and this one right here is also in medium size but it's way bigger! But i think I am getting used to it every day! *wink*

I hope to receive my third and last Longchamp bag in the next month or so. Wishing! haha.

I really like it! Longchamp Limited Edition, Eiffel Tower in long handle. Black with yellow tower print. la-love!

 Thanks, J ♥


  1. wow pretty sis :D hehe..

    pls vote for me? isherry at

    you need register first :D

  2. i think it's a good size and a pretty purse!

  3. thanks, girls! yes it is beautiful. hehe


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