Friday, March 16, 2012

Safety first

Today, I am joining the newest meme I discovered through blog hopping. I stumbled upon and at the same time, my come back post for

HAPPINESS IS... mommy moments :D

For me happiness is me. As my nick name is Hapi and my friends call me Ha(h)piness, I conclude that is me. I'm just teasing! :D Seriouly happiness for me is making my daughter happy. When she is, then I am, then we are.

Yesterday my sister in law and I decided to have a jog around the park. My daughter who likes to think she is sporty enough and can run with us wanted to join us as well. Last weekend we bought her a set of protective gears so she can be safe everytime she rides on her scooter so I said yes but she must wear those. She agreed and here she is, all geared up for an afternoon physical activity. She is also wearing the Standard Chartered 2010 Marathon singlet which she joined in before. It still fits her. :D

She was unstoppable. Manang Ji-ji our very dependable helper cannot catch her! Ha ha. It was a great bonding for us too. As a parent I'm confident that when she's geared up, she's safe. When she's safe she can enjoy more what she's doing. After an hour, she played habulan with SIL. Yes, that's running!

I love it when I'm with my kid and when she is happy.

Blessings ♥


  1. she is soo cute, she loves pink?

    visiting for happiness is...

  2. That's a neat laid out walkway and your darling princess is so pretty.

    My Mommy Moments, have a great weekend.

  3. she is so cute all geared up and the cute smile. Visiting back from happiness, thank you for your visit as well. Mine is here thanks My Little Home

  4. Your name radiates happiness, and you're right, when our kids are happy, we are happy mommies, too! Here's my entry:

  5. awww! what a cutie she is Sis :-) that's right baby girl Mommy does not want you to have a bobo anywhere :-) Visiting from Happiness Is...hope that you can return your happy visit too.

  6. Awww, super cute! Pareho sila ni Poj super like ang scooter. Ive yet to find an elbow and knee pad that'll fit him. When I bought his helmet out of stock yung mga pads. It's true dapat safety first talaga.

  7. cute ng little miss mo, visiting for Happiness is, I hope to you can pay me a visit at

    see yeah!

  8. Habulan is great exercise! I enjoy doing that d na bale'ng tumumbling :) Your daughter's got a beautiful smile. Have a great week.

  9. Hi Hapi! I'm really happy that you've came across Happiness Is meme ^^ Thanks so much for sharing your happy-mom-and-daughter happy moment :) Ang cute naman ng iyong little girl and nakakatuwa to see her scooting away. She may not look sporty enough for you, but you never know baka one day, super athlete sya paglaki nya ;)

    Salamat ulit for joining Happiness Is. See you there again for another round of happy posts!

  10. visiting for my other entry of happiness is, see you at

    please do leave some love..

  11. it is really a great moment whenever we see our kids smile and happy... im glad to see you again at mommy moments!

  12. so cute :-) My daugther got a first bike I am sure she enjoy it everyday... I follow you back.. thanks


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