Sunday, January 29, 2012

Todai Intenational Buffet at MBS with friends

Yesterday my family met with our long time friends, Rocky and Karlo. We knew each other since 2003, we were hired, trained and worked together at Link2Support. They are really very close to us. We travel to beaches together, we witnessed Karlo serenading Rocky during our training at work and even witnessed Karlo's wedding proposal - just a shame we were not able to attend their wedding but we still see each other even after relocating here in Singapore. Rocky would have business trips here and when we visit Manila we make sure we meet them.

Rocky has been assigned permanently to work here in Singapore and since her arrival we have been planning to meet but because of busy December schedule it was only yesterday that we had our chance. We had lunch at Todai (read: toe-die) at Marina Bay Sands. I have high expectation with this "eat all you can" restaurant because I have heard and read its good reputation not mentioning it's high price. See:

2nd/3rd pic from the website
 And it didn't fail me! They have quite a good spread of food -  Korea, Japanese, Chinese, Western and Italian. Every bit of what I get is really delicious! My favorite of all is the chilly crab and the grilled pork ribs. Yuuummmmm...

 I don't want to miss this, cute! Yes, Ratatouille! Hehe
 And they serve rocks as well.  LOL. That's very unusualbut those are volcanic rocks that regulates the heat on the buffet heater - they said.

I indulge with the dessert as well. I just love the ice cream over my waffle plus some chocolote syrup and of course the very sweet Korean strawberry.

And those are our friends outside Marina Bay Sands mall. :) Great time.

See you again guys!

Blessings ♥

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