Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taiwan in 2013

Last year, we celebrated our New Year celebration (Dec 26- January 1, 2011) in the crowded Victoria Harbour waterfront in Hong Kong TST where the Avenue of Stars is located. December 21-27 2011, just last month, we were in Seoul to celebrate Christmas. When you look at it, parang 2x in 2011 kami nag travel. I thought we only planned to go abroad once every year? Not good. Well, you know what I  mean if you want to mention budget. Nevertheless, thank God for the provision.

I will be sharing our Seoul pictures soon. I will just save time to do it.

Well right now, I am contemplating of going to Taiwan but because of the above analysis, this will be moved to 2013. I was hoping to experience New Year in Australia 11 months from now but again because of the above, it won't push through. Travel will be done starting 2013. Baket ba kasi 2 sa isang taon? wala sa usapan yun! Anyway, why Taiwan? It's because I want to experience the Sky Lantern festival.

I don't know what's with sky lanterns but even before the Tangled movie, I just find it enchanting, sky lanterns have emotional effect on me. So I was researching and found out about Pingxi, Taiwan lantern festival. People write their wishes and prayers on the lanterns and let it fly in the sky.

photo credit: http://www.culture.tw/
A seller in Facebook is selling sky lanterns and I want to buy a lot but I don't know if we can actually fly lanterns in the skies of Singapore. Kill Joy! So today, I will focus myself on preparing for the great reward, I will give myself the chance to experience the worlds famous sky lantern in Taiwan! Although not this year but since it happens every year anyway, I will look forward to it.

Taiwan on February 2013! Watch me! :)

Blessings ♥

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  1. That is so beautiful. It reminds me of Tangled. Cute if all the lanterns are already in the air.


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