Friday, January 13, 2012

Cellphone Dillema

I read and heard about Siri and Vangie but just every time I wonder who they are.  So Siri is iPhone's software assistant and knowledge navigator functioning as a PA while Vangie is the Filipino version. My friends have to update me because I am so not updated. I am not amused of the technology of the latest model of mobile phones. I dont know why but ganun lang talaga ako.

I remember when I was in college, I was a die hard 5110 lover. Nauso na ang 3210, 71something pero loyal talaga ako sa 5110 ko. Mind you it is always updated. The cutest case, the loveliest backlight, the sweetest ring tone, and the fanciest antenna. Remember the flashing antenna? Ha Ha. And definitely my load kahit pa eventually nauso ang drop call. :D

I remember I used to borrow my cousin's phone or my sister's para maiba lang. Then I'm shy to show it to my friends. I would have the latest model of Nokia (since my cousin is a dealer and supplier) pero feeling ko no cellphone models can top my 5110! nyeheheh. My friends would ask me, "Ano cellphone mo ngayon, Hap?" Then I'll answer, "Ericson or Nokia blah blah. Pero papalitan ko to next week. Di maganda." Tapos they'll laugh at me. Vaket?

So what is this all about? Well, right now, I am contemplating on getting a new phone. You see I have been using my company's phone for a year now (which they don't care about) but sometimes it's a hassle not to have your own and personal line but I'm kinda confuse what phone model I should get. People are pushing me to get the iphone 4s but goodness, ang mahal! Mahalia Perez sya. And nakakapagod ang touch screen. Keypads please?

I dont know. Bahala na si Batman! If we get the iPhone 4s, I might trade it with my husband's Samsung or my take Yaya's 39sgd worth na CP from 7-11. Basta ba maka text at tawag.

We'll see... I hope to get the best deal para naman masaya ako. Malamang Nokia ito.

Cellular phone dillema nga naman.

Blessings ♥


  1. Nagkaroon din ako ng 5110 at 3210 hehehe! Mumurahin lang ang cellfone ko ngayon at bigay lang sakin to. Wala ako balak palitan ng sosyal na celfone kasi ang mahalaga lang namn sakin e makapag text at makapag communicate. Pero kung may magandang puso na magdo donate sakin ng iphone 4s why not coconut! hihihi!

  2. Hello! I have to say i love my iPhone 4S but got it for free on my contract. I was lucky to find a deal that's not expensive nung nag pre=Christmas sale dito. Pero I wasn't prepared to pay a penny for it kasi nga ang mahal.
    I guess the most important thing is that you're comfortable and happy with the phone you choose. It could have all the latest tech but if you won't use/need them then it's pointless.
    Good luck with the phone search, I'm sure the reps at the phone store would be more than happy to help =)

  3. anney, napepressure kasi ako sa mga friends. sayang lang daw if i won't get the iphone. nyehehhe.

    Kris, good deal nga sayo. i wish meron din dito, no cash out for an iphone then wala ng thinking twice to. :)

    I might get a blackberry, again. paaak.


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