Sunday, January 08, 2012

It was a splendid 2011

Hapi D Calica
It was/is a victorious 2011. We had its bests and i would like to give the glory back to the King of Kings. 2012 would be greater, more blessings, more miracles. i thank the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for The unending love ♥

That is my post before the year 2011 ends. Indeed, the blessing was overflowing. Indeed, the Lord has never abandoned us so my gratefulness is just beyond words. That is not only financial but social, spiritual and physical.

We had our Church's Valentine's Dinner

Hershey turned 3!

In laws are with us.

Our first experience of Marina Bay Sands for free. :) Thanks MIL.

My sister, Pastora Marj came to visit and attend Times of Refreshing. Twas great to experience 3 of us together. Someday soon well be complete and happy!

Dinner with colleagues which doesn't happen often. Neah, it's my choice but thought they were great!
Dinner with friends. This doesn't happen all the time.  We had a great time.

Singapore Zoo with the BKK! Twas super fun!

Visited Singapore's Marina Barrage. It wasn't too bad. :) Actually it was fun! We had the best kite flying moment in our lives. hehe
Get together dinner with high school friends. We had couple more of these for 2011. Enjoy.

How can I forget our skating moments with my other set of friends? Fun fun fun!
Hershey started her daily school. This is her during their Racial Harmony event, she wears the kimona patadjong for Filipiniana attire and the other picture is her wearing their school uniform.

Our wedding anniversary and re-united with my bestest friend from NZ with her family.

Here comes my birthday! The best thing is, my parents are with us!

Celebrated my father's birthday at Sentosa! Happy lang

Of course,  I had my Azkals game moment! Ha!
Nanay had her water baptism. Officiated by no other than her son, my brother who is our Pastor.
After 2 years, I received a dozen of flowers from my husband. He had it delivered to the office, I didnt know about it so he was able to go on with his plan. :D I don't want him to buy me flowers because they are expensive. Ha ha! But it didnt stop him anymore. He just wants to give me flowers without any occasion at all. Sweet lang. Thus my profile picture on this blog.
Hershey the flower girl at Jelly and Winston's wedding. 
 Mom celebrated her birthday with us too! Then we visited together Pulau Ubin. It's our first time. :D

Come December, Marian and Rocky's briday shower. It was pink and black! :D

So when my parents when back to the Philippines we also found out that my mother has liver cancer. It was a big news and a terrible fact for our family but we are coping well. My mom is as strong as a rock and the Lord has been gracious with His grace and comfort we are dealing it with great hope that she will get well. Thank you Lord in advance and once she's completely healed, I will blog more about it. :D

Of course, we had our Christmas celebration in Seoul.

We opted to still pursue our Seoul trip because we already have brought tickets and reserved our hotel when we knew about Nanay's case and my siblings said we should just go because God is great, He will be able to let us enjoy the blessing and at the same time heal my mom. :D And we give our trust to Him.

Ann and Rocky's wedding on the 28th. We arrived Dec 27, 12mn and on the next day at 5 PM we were off to a wedding. Buzzzy! :D I was also the emcee. He he.

And new year celebration at my brother's home. We were green!

I might have missed some but generally these are all the events on my 2011. So I know that there will be more exciting events on 2012.

Most imporatantly, we are waiting for Nanay's total healing because "He will not let you be defeated. He who guards you never sleeps. Ps121:3."

All glory to God our Father.

Blessings ♥


  1. You sure did a lot of wonderful things & had a very blessed 2011. I'll be praying for your mom & for her to be cometely healed. Big hugs you're way

  2. Kris, i cant find your first blog. also i cannot reply to the 365 project. i want to tell you your new do is cool :) and its 366 days for 2012 :D

    salamat sa pagdaan


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