Thursday, January 05, 2012

SHARE: Trip lang namin

I want to update my blog today, I want to share the highlights of my 2011 (naks!) but i can't find time to compose a relatively long story. :D That's the whole 12 months, you know! :D

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While I am collecting time and effort, I just want to share that last night while brushing H's hair, I sang "Flower, gleam and glow Let your power shine..." This is the healing incantation of Mother Gothel from Tangled. After the song she asked, "Can i go outside mother?" then i replied, "No, sorry dear, the outside world is a dangerous place for you." Then H said with a sad face, "Alright, mother." Exact transcript. :D

Hahaha. It was just random. So spontaneous but funny! hahaha. Lakas ng trip ng mag ina. :D

Blessings ♥

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