Sunday, January 15, 2012

My new page, Project 366 is online on blogger


My second year for Project 365. I started this daily photo diary last year influenced by my friend Marice. It was a lovely project so I'm continuing it this year. We have 366 days for 2012 because it's a leap year so for 2012 it is Project 366. Project 365 was available via my Facebook page and but I discontinued the latter. Now, Project 366 is not only viewable by my friends on Facebook but it is also online on Blogger.

Please visit my other page as well, YEAR 2012 PROJECT 366,

Thank you.

Blessings ♥


  1. Congrats at natapos mo sya! Meron kasing iba na di natatapos. Ako nga din sana mag project 365 kaya lang busy ang lola. ahaha! Baka di ko matapos wala me time mag post everyday.

  2. thank you anney. :) Kasi ginagawa ko na din sa FB sayang yung last year ko di ko na publish masyado. masaya lang balik balikan. :)

  3. i paid visit to your new project. very unique idea. congrats po.

    a biteful visit from Albay. :)


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