Monday, December 20, 2010

I did it and it made me happy

I wrote this blog, TO DONATE OR NOT TO DONATE : BLOOD  April 2010 expressing my desire to help save lives. As mentioned there I always can't find the guts to say YES to blood donation but with God's help I was able to do it last Thursday. That day marked a special event in my life.

The Red Cross public blood donation drive was held at Raffles MRT. I went in to ask nervously but eventually received wholeheartedly the log book they handed to fill in the form and answer some questions. I was given the sticker, "Be gentle, I am a first time donor" sticker. After they validated the form I was asked to check my weight then transferred to one of the nurses who pricked my finger, I guess that is for blood typing, not sure, the nurse is a Filipino. He told me to relax he felt my hands are cold and pale. I was indeed nervous. On the waiting area, the facilitator was asking everyone - left or right, each one of them answers, but I was clueless when I was asked. I just said right without having the idea if it is beneficial to draw blood from my right arm.

So I lay down on the bed, still feeling uneasy. Red cross volunteers and donors are around me, taking pictures, they seem enjoying so I try to relax. The nurse said I won't feel the pain as I will be given anesthesia. I didn't take the pic when they put the needle on, I was asked not to look. I managed to take a pic right after.

Look at my bag, it is halfway full after less than 5 minutes! haha.

 And in less than 10 minutes, it is full! I am just overflowing of blood! As I said, this is the blood of Christ through mine. Whoever uses this will have a blessing of life, declaring it in Jesus name.

My father needed blood transfusion before. I can still remember that even he is type O, the most common blood type, he still had the hard time looking for a donor and still needs to wait for my brother from Manila to arrive and give his blood. It is really a big help to someone. Whoever you are, may you find my blood useful.

And that is the needle, still inside my vein. The nurse suggested I took a pic before she removes it. :)

Whew! That was not so bad. It was really easy.

And they served refreshments. I was asked to sit for a while, get as much food as I want. I just took an orange juice and when about to go, the guy handed me a pack of Milo and biscuits. I brought it home to Hershey. :) We were also given a10 tablet Iron supplement.

Also, a special 2011 planner was also handed out plus 1 free ride to the MRT. :) Not bad. I wasn't expecting anything actually. I was there for a cause.

So I am again able to donate on May 2011. I will not miss that opportunity. I will even encourage my husband to come with me so he can experience how overwhelming the feeling is.

I know this is a long read but I want this post to encourage everyone who is healthy to help save lives. This is really something useful for someone. You are extending lives.


Blessings ♥


  1. Congrats Sis! Ang dami palang kinukuha. I've never donated blood kasi low blood daw or whatever anemic.

  2. It is good to give whenever, however youi can. I cannot donate blood, but I hope I give back to the universe in other ways. God bless you and your family

  3. thanks Jellybelly. yes, i'm not sure gano kadami pero madami! :)

    Hi Keith, thanks for dropping by my page again. yes, you'll surely have your piece of donation to mother earth. :) God bless you too.


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