Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Good Job, Hershey! Well done!

Happy December 1!

Wow we are 24 days before Christmas! and 27 days before our major family vacation! ♥ But! I am not here to talk about Christmas instead, I want to share how I am happy with what my daughter can do now at her age. She is turning 33 months on the 4th of December, will be 3 years old on March 4th, 2011 - which by the way I am preparing for emotionally and financially, I want to throw her a Disney Pink Princess party!

Well, I just want to share these two pictures below: 

At her age, she can very well write letters H, A and L - S is on the way, I can say she will be able to write it well soon too. She just needs to focus and practice, she anyway learned H/A/L in one try. Like what her teacher said, her fine motor skill is very commendable. She observed this when Hershey is doing her Montessori materials like lacing, beading and stuff. I can attest to this, when she was 8 months old (that's her age when she started drinking Yakult and eating Yogart), she can insert a Yakult's straw in it's hole. That is 8 months old. :)  See how small the starw is! LOL
Now, she can draw a face, a funny face. See how defined the parts of the face. :)

She is also a master of word/picture puzzle. The first time she tried it, she already know the the way to fix it - fast! That is her 20 word/picture puzzles. She can finish them in no time. :) Even if you give her 8 letter word with picture, like elephant, she gets it right away. She identifies letters and sounds that comes with it.

It is not a waste of money if we buy her these educational toys, she really enjoys it. She finds it challenging and happy when she gets a tap at the back when she finish it. Well done, Hershey! Good job! Very good! You are so smart! Wow, what an intelligent baby! You make us proud! These are the things we tell her often. :) It builds her confidence.

Proud of you Anak, you are indeed doing a great job, topping your age development, you are advance! May the Lord bless you with much knowledge and wisdom as you grow.

Blessings ♥

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