Thursday, December 09, 2010

GT: With your special one

Hey it's GT time! :) Joining the girls again on this week's topic, Going with your special someone.

I always miss my husband. Even if we are just in the house, I always want him to sit beside me while I'm watching my favorite telenovela, now it is Imortal, or while I am playing with our child, eating or just simply doing nothing and relaxing in bed. Gusto ko sya lagi inaasar! :) So wherever he goes I want to be with him as much as possible and like other sissies, when you have a child, it will be plus the kid which makes it more fun.

This is us having our date at Seoul Garden, our favorite. :)We love buffet dining and SG is one which tops our lists.

And us again meeting during our lunch break at Burger King. Our office is just one train stop away so we sometimes meet to have a date.♥ We both love eating! We love grilled patties! :)
And roaming around the city with H. ♥

And that's him with the little one watching Disney On Ice at Singapore Indoor stadium.

Blessings ♥


  1. even simple things basta kasama natin loved ones natin, makes it extra extra special.

    Happy GT :) here's my entry

  2. katuwa naman you always miss even both of you are just in the house.. super sweet ka siguro sis..
    Happy GT I'm Back

  3. going on a date sounds cute and fun lalo na kung may anak na at tumakas lang kayo. nakakamiss din minsan iyong kayo lang dalawa.

  4. that is so sweet! it's great to know you still find time to have a date kahit may anak na kayo. that's really something :)

  5. thats cute sis and get to know you better. I forgot say I was in SG visit the Universal Studio last month. It was fun, just no time to visit orchard road. Where u live in SG?

    any chance coming to Malaysia for visit?


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