Friday, April 23, 2010

To donate or not to donate

It has been my wish even when I was still in the Philippines to donate blood. I dont know exactly why I feel convicted when I hear or see people donating blood. Maybe because my father once needed blood transfusion when I was a kid and saw the necessity of it.

In Singapore I usually see blood drives in MRT stations. When I pass by it my conscience is telling me to do it but I never really had a chance to try it. My Aus colleague Tim once called the Red Cross for an appointment of blood donation. That too didn't push through because the avail schedule at the Red Cross will conflict our time at work.

Yesterday there is another blood donation drive at the Raffles MRT. I stopped for 10 minutes just looking around but cannot decide what to do. I took the picture below before I went down the escalator for my train home. On the way home I was deeply saddend that I didnt have the courage to do it. Maybe because I am alone. Do I need to ask my husband's permission about it. I am coughing from time to time, this might not be the healthy time to donate. Urrrgh! I'm such a loser.

I was afraid. I didn't do it.

So when is the best time for me then? I want in my heart to be a donor. I want to help. I think it's only me who wanted to try this. Marvin might support me though but he is really not into this type of thing. He won't bother to remind and urge me like he usually do in some stuff.

Will it hurt when they draw blood from me? How long would the normal process take? I was able to red some Red Cross article before when Tim and I decided to do it but I totally forgotten them now.

I realize that donating blood is one thing I have to do even just once in my lifetime. I would be able to get over this conviction until I do it someday.

Someday, hopefully soon.

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