Friday, December 03, 2010

Last Christmas on Mommy Moments

Signing in for MOMMY MOMENTS!

This Friday's theme, as this is the first Friday of December, Mommy Moments wants to look back on last year's December. I don't have lotsa pictures to grab right now but these two I got from FB Mobile. :)

I will try to upload more tonight.

This is Hershey behind our red themed Christmas tree last year. She asked us to take her a pic on the tree with the Santa hat. :)

And since I will be updating this later on and upload our pics at Orchard Singapore last December, I want to add my picture above taken at Takashimaya during that time. They are displaying this huge LV bag which I think can house my whole house! LOL. This display last December at Orchard was a hit to both locals and foreigners. Can you imagine that? LOL

Will upload more pics again soon.

Happy Christmas.

mommy moments

Blessings ♥


  1. your daughter is soooo cute in that santa hat. i enjoyed your pic with the large LV bag as well.

    memories from last Christmas

  2. cute little girl! i want to have that great big LV bag

  3. Your child is such a cutie! Kids love christmas trees too much, my kids also like to take pictures around the tree.

  4. that is such a huge lv bag!
    happy mommy moments!

  5. wow, what a huge bag!! :D happy mommy moments. glad you can join us this week!


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