Friday, December 03, 2010

Prepare to know the Truth! FACE OFF

This is one of the major events our church  has prepared for and as it gets nearer, 2 days to be exact, we are all pressured and at the same time excited. Our guest speaker from Nigeria has arrived and oh man, the way he prays, heavenly. I met him last night during our practice and he lead our closing prayer, it looks like I am attending a crusade. He was not a loud type of preacher but his prayer was sincere and direct, undeniably anointed.

So this Sunday, we will be presenting a stage enactment with narration on common issues the youth are having today. We tackled pornography, virtual gaming addiction, wrong relationships and showed famous people who in their lives one way or another have gone astray. I am just amazed on how the Lord is blessing this, and how we know He will touch many lives with this presentation because while we are on our last days of practice, we can see how the devil wants to stop this. There are times that our sound system will just go off, send out noise, our video and music wont work, me being the narrator tatters and can't breath, etc etc. It is nice to know the devil is affected. You LOSER! LOL

So today and in the past 3 Fridays, the church is into prayer and fasting. all for the love of the works of the LORD.

God bless us and I pray the Holy Spirit to move upon everyone.

Blessings ♥

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