Thursday, December 02, 2010

TREND: Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood

There is a new trend in Facebook, it says " Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday there should be no human faces on Facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for violence against children."

The first thing that comes up my mind is Snowhite, as she is Hershey's favorite and I am doing it for the love of children. That is her. She's indeed pretty.

And this trending has nice effect to me, I chatted with my friend Jen reminiscing childhood memories. This instantly became a nostalgia. We talked about He-man, She-ra, Carebears, Rainbow Brite, etc! :) Don't forget the Smurfs, Chipmunks, Popeye's. These are all cartoon character of the 80's.


 Do you still remember the He-man crackers/junk food that oval in shape before? It was a hit.
Who would miss, Princess Sarah? LOL. 

But, do you remember who is this? A bit challenging, I know I remember him but I just can't remember his name. Marvin guessed it in no time! 
To all my friends in the blogoworld, did you also change your profile pic today? If not, do it now!

Blessings ♥


  1. i don't remember who is in the last pic but i do remember most of these cartoon characters, maybe we're batchmates. your little one is too cute.

    btw, i just followed your blog. Pls feel free to follow mine if you want.


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