Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Women's Fellowship : Fruit of the Spirit

Every other Saturday of the month, women at Church gather for a fellowship of Bible sharing and feasting (pinaganda ko lang, totoo, lamon :-) ). As I am already a wife and a mom, I am 100% qualified for this group. I am just hopeful to still be part of the youth ministry. Haha. Nangarap pa!

Two weeks ago I was tasked to lead the Bible sharing. I've been praying on what topic to discuss because I wanted something that I myself could learn from until one day the Lord tells me to desire to have the FRUITS of the HOLY SPIRIT. So went ahead and studied them.

The FRUITS of the HOLY SPIRIT are the attributes of a true Christian which were mentioned by Paul in Galatians 5. 
    * 1 Love (Greek: agape)
    * 2 Joy (Greek: chara)
    * 3 Peace (Latin: pax, Greek: eirene)
    * 4 Patience (Latin: longanimitas)
    * 5 Kindness (Latin: benignitas)
    * 6 Goodness (Latin: bonitas)
    * 7 Faithfulness (Latin: fides)
    * 8 Gentleness (Latin: mansuetudo)
    * 9 Self-control (Latin: continentia)

Before I started the discussion, I distributed cross word puzzle for an ice breaker. In the puzzle, they will have to link up what fruit of the Spirit fits the word box. They were all caught by surprise. They say it was a bit challenging although they are familiar with the gifts but unsure if what they know are correct. I let them work with it for 15 minutes. Check their work and everybody passed. :) Whew.

Then I proceed with discussing each fruit. In summary, I realized that when you have LOVE it would be easy to have the rest of the fruits in your life, so the desire of my heart is for the Holy Spirit to shower me with His love and teach me to love each and everyone. To teach me NOT to look at one's fault. To make me HAPPY and JOYFUL to every success my friends will have. To rejoice with them in every victories. To PRAY for them so they will be blessed more in all aspect of their lives. Just LOVE as much as I love myself.

Then right after the sharing we closed it in prayer desiring to have all the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
And time to have fellowship again through feasting.

 We have refillable bowl of pansit, ensaymada, bibingka and fuits. Masarap!

In deed it was a great time knowing God more through His words and also a great time to fellowship with the sisters in faith. Looking forward to our next Women's Fellowship.

Blessings ♥


  1. sis, I wish I belong to such groups :D kasi parang ang buhay ko bahay na lang (besides work) and this is a good way to spend some free/me time. I didn't know that there were fruits of the Holy Spirit. Familiar lang ako dun sa Gifts :D thanks for sharing!

  2. Ann, thanks for dropping by again. I've replied to one of your posts, Via is super cute. :)

    I pray you'll find your girl group that will encourage and strengthen you as a person.


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