Monday, April 04, 2011

child constipation? fiber gummy will save the day

Is your child suffering from constipation? We had the same problem.... BEFORE. Hershey used to have difficulty in passing motion. Her worst was 5 days straight still unable to. I then brought her to the pedia and she was given meds for stomach ache plus laxative but it didn't work. A friend suggested we try Benefiber but it only worked temporarily. Until one day I stumbled upon PEDIALAX gummy fiber in a health and beauty store. This one is heaven sent!

Note this is not a paid post. I've been itching to blog about this very effective product but I just didn't have time to. Now, here it is. :) I posted the same testimonial in the Pedialax website. Because it is effective I recommended this to my friends. I sent 1 bottle to try to the Ph and thank God it work wonderfully to a friend's daughter too.

It looks like this,
My daughter consumed few bottles already but because it is natural, it is safe to take it everyday. This could be your child's fiber supplement. Imagine that 3 penguin gummies = 2 boiled potatoes, enough fiber for a day.

Read more testimonial about this product here,


Edit to add: You can purchase this at any Guardian store in Singapore or Amazon for international orders.

Blessings ♥

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  1. Pwede rin ba yan for adults? :) Madali ipainom sa bata to. Nice review :)

  2. hey, that's nice... sometimes, constipation is a real problem not just among kids but among grown-ups as well..

  3. vera, yan din tanong ng MIL ko. hehe. yep feeling nila kasi candies lang.

    Kim, thanks again for dropping by my page. i hope you and you're family are not suffering from consitpation. di talaga sya nice.

  4. Hi I am interested to try this, where can i purchase a bottle in singapore?

    1. hello. i hope im not too late. you can buy it at Guardians.

    2. Helo drug stores ba natin dito sa pinas available din ba to?

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