Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Mother's Day Wish

At this very moment, I am feeding my eyes with beautiful shoes online. I want to buy some shoes in the next coming months and contemplating how and where will I buy these. They are not really available in Singapore stores and for shoes, I think you really need to try them personally before buying. The pair must fit you very well and must look good on you.

I only have two on my list...

Tory Burch Reva Flat. Problem is I haven't found one here in Singapore although I heard a rumor Peder carries them but way way too pricey, almost 500SGD for a pair. *Faint*  If it is so, I can't afford it. :-(

  ED HARDY peep toe. Ed Hardy by the way is an American tatoo artists and these shoe designs are inspired by the tattoos he had made making it more unique and beautiful. Which color do you like?

Dear God, may I have one for Mother's day?

Thank you in advance. :-)

Blessings ♥


  1. Ang kyuuuuuut! I've been wishing for Reva since I learned of it a loooong time ago na. Buti na lang hindi ako pala punta sa Makati kung san meron. Siguro kahit nabaon ako sa utang baka mapabili pa ko. hahaha. Did you see the ones Oprah gave away last Christmas? Hay.

    Those peep toes are beautiful! I love the black ones, pero yung cream/nude maganda rin. Too bad madali sumakit paa ko when the shoes are that high. It's the weight, masyadong nabibigatan mga paa ko sakin, hihi.

    Kayang kaya pag ipunan yan Hahps. Like everything else, we deserve the material things that we have because we work hard for them. Minsan okay din mag indulge kasi hindi naman tayo nakakalimot magbigay sa iba.

    First commenter ako diba? :) GV lang!

  2. vers, wala ako makita nyan dito. actually meron reva flat pero from HK factory outlet daw? almost 4k php din ha. expensive for something na di aunthentic. dami sa greenhills di ba? :) naalala ko you most of the time wear flats noh?

    and the peep toe/wedge, mga ganyan gusto ko. mura nlg yan sa US, 50USD.

    true vers, kaya nga wish list e. sana someday i could have it. yan na lang pambawi ko after the everyday stress.

    cheers to a happy life, may first comment-er :) any material things that we get they are blessing and should be proud of to give glory to the one who gives. :) so lets be happy sa kung ano meron ang iba...

    balitaan mo ako when you have your reva flats na din. maiinggit ako. hehe

  3. ^ true. pero sana di sya mabigat. ang cute noh. bagay sa mga dresses na gawa mo. :)


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