Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday blogging - What to do!

It's a sunday and I usually wake up at 9 AM (earliest) on the weekends but today it is 2 hours earlier, 7 AM even though I don't have a call time. *wink* Hubby is off to church early today, Hershey still peacefully sleeping, Manang Ji-ji doing the laundry and I am left wandering.

It's a gloomy morning in Singapore today, I thought of jogging around the block with Marvin later when he arrives but thought why not play some badminton game instead. Since the purchase of the "on sale" Wilson badminton set last year, I think we only had the chance to play it once. Bad.

I interrupted Jiji from her laundry moments for a while and asked to get the badminton set ready. She kept it somewhere that only her knows where to get it from so I really have to disturb her. Sorry.

And sharing to you the before 9 AM gloomy morning of Singapore today. :)

Let's enjoy Sunday. Don't forget to meet thy God today as well... <3

Blessings ♥

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