Friday, January 14, 2011


FRIDAY is MOMMY MOMENTS. Today's topic - things that our little ones received last Christmas.

We celebrated Christmas in our home together with our Church friends. We had a hawaian party but before that we had sharing the word of God by Pastor Joel, praise and worship, testimonies then, noche buena! :) Here is my daughter's pic during the party.

Dec 25 morning we opened gifts. My daughter received a lot of gifts from our friends and from us, her parents.These are some of those which she received.

From my husband colleague and my LC friend - Haslemere, a barbie guitar. :)

The Leapfrog  Scribble and Write, from us.

This book from my friend Malou. :)

I can list all those gifts she recieved but I dont think it's needed. I appreciate them and she loved those but Christmas is all about the first giver - Jesus who gave his life to save our sins and my daughter knows that. We tell her the true reason behind Christmas, no Santa or the raindeer. She doesn't even know they exist. LOL That makes her focus to the only giver of life, to Christ.

Happy MM! mommy moments

Blessings ♥


  1. Son has an exact scribble and write gadget that your princess have.

    Great stuff!

    I know I am late but hope you can still peek at my Mommy Moment entry.

  2. great stuff, i like the guitar!

    happy MM! Here's my MM entry!

  3. nice one :) Jesus is the reason for the season and the gifts are just additional perks! :D

    happy mommy moments!

  4. a barbie guitar. My little princess would surely love that too.

    Here is our post:

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