Friday, January 21, 2011

MOMMY MOMENTS - Achievement

Following the Mommy Moments today talking about achievements. I would like to share my daughter's achievement as she really did her best to overcome - fear.

Before she reached 2 years old she is fond of mascots. We can bring her and take pictures together with mascot without crying but it came to a point that she was already scared of them. She doesn't like to come near Dora, Care bears, Yogi bears, etc etc. When we finalized our plan to visit Disneyland, we started talking to her saying that there will be big Mickey mouse, she will meet Minnie, Donald Duck, all these she sees on TV come to life and she was a bit challenged. I tell her that her fear cannot ruin our vacation, she has to enjoy because not everyone can visit Disneyland or go to a vacation like hers. You know what I mean. Hehe. I always see her eyes contemplating, I know she is listening. I let her watch videos in YT. See how kids enjoy Disneyland, who they meet, what they do. And I want to specially mention that every time we pray, she never miss to add that the Lord will take away her fear, "Jesus, di na ma afraid si Hershey..."

The Disneyland day came and her prayers were answered, our efforts were successful.

We first saw Mickey and Minnie when we entered Disneyland. She had solo pic and even planned of going back inside for more time with the two.

Then Duffy, the newest Disney character to interact with guests is Mickey’s very own teddy bear—made with love by Minnie Mouse for Mickey to take on all his travels.

Even a picture together with the Shark mascot at OceanPark HK.

 Every time I remember how brave she was, how she overcame her fear, I am so proud of my 2 year old to already know how to deal with life. And it was great seeing her enjoyed our trip.

For me this is a big achievement for her and an achievement for us too.

mommy moments

Blessings ♥


  1. very brave little girl, some kids are still afraid of mascots. :)

  2. my kids love mascots very much,nice photos

  3. such a wonderful post... this reminds us that life is not just about achievements in scholastics but more so, achievement in character :) thanks for sharing this with us at mommy moments.

  4. this is really a big achievement for her emotional aspect :D great job mommy!
    A Time To Weep And A Time To Laugh

  5. kids really do come at certain phase where they have fears for just about anything. with love and encouragement, it all boils down in time, like ur lil princess.
    visiting from MM post

    followed u thru GFC, pls do. tnx

  6. It's really a happy feeling when you see your child going through something and rising above it splendidly :) just followed your blog mommy!

  7. wow! that's really something! overcoming fear is an issue that even adults can not accomplish..

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