Thursday, January 13, 2011

GT: Loving relationship with Hubby

GT Thursday.

 What is my 2011 resolution when it comes to my relationship specifically with hubby?

Well there are things that I need to change. I think I am becoming his nightmare sometimes, I sometimes NAG. :( You can't blame me, he just doesn't listen! LOL

I should be careful  with what I say especially when we fight. I sometimes tend to say hurtful words without thinking of the implication. That is just so bad.

I should not share with the big expenses. My husband's hobby sometimes take a big part of our budget - he buys whatever he thinks he needs especially when it comes to his guitar playing. I am making this a reason to buy what I love as well. This adds up to non sense expenses.

It is easy to talk with hubby in terms of family matter. He is an ideal family man. Especially when it involves our daughter, he never hesitates.

I think I should also love him more. Continue to take care of him. See to it he eats healthy. Jog with him. Enjoy his music.Thank him for loving me back, as much as I expect it. Thank him for not chaging, he is still the sweetest, he still spoil me whenever he can.

I'm sure it will be easy as long as I want to have a better relationship with him. He is in the Philippines today ti Sunday to attend a wedding. I already missed him.

Blessings ♥


  1. yeah mine also spender he likes to buy gadget.

  2. nyahaha!! agree Sis.. Girls are not nagger by nature.. it's just that Boys don't listen (nyahaha)

    Ang sarap basahin ng post mo Sis!! nice shot!!!

    Happy GT ^_^

    by the way Sis, please vote for me as the SWEETEST BLOGGER, just click (ferry'zWILL) here's the link

    I'll wait for your click (winks) thanks in advance

  3. those are nice resolutions. he would be delighted to have a sweeter and more caring wife when he gets back.

  4. being tactful is not an easy thing to do especially when we are mad or hurt. still, we should give it a try. nice resolution..

  5. i think most wives are normally naggers. LOL. making a resolve to be more supportive of his guitar playing is great, methinks :)


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