Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hershey's 3rd Birthday - Preparation I

Hershey is turning 3 years old on the 4th of March this year and I have started going through the party planning already. Actually I am already a bit late on the planning but still confident as I already have some plans in mind, just starting to make them happen. It's not a big party anyway, we can still handle it with less time.

On her birthday itself, we might celebrate it at Church and on the 5th, Saturday, we will have a princess party for her. She has been wishing a princess theme party since she started to love the Disney Princess characters. My original plan was actually a Hawaian / Luau theme because March falls on a summer and thought of renting a pool side chalet to work with the theme. But my daughter knows what she wants, well sometimes confused like suggesting a Barbie party as well. haha.

So I got my Excel file ready. First, we had venue viewing. My best bet is a function hall in a condominium but problem is, we need to have a sponsor (condo tenant) to use the facility and those people we knew who used to live in a condo have already gave up their units and transferred on a cheaper flat, we call it here HDB units. Hopefully we can confirm one this week, we will contact a friend's friend. Last weekend although we already have visited Aranda before, we again went there to personally check their party hall and chalet. See pictures below. 

The above shows the reception area and the function hall. The hall looks very nice and ideal, it can seat 80-100 persons but it is 35-55sgd/pax and should be atleast 50 pax reservation. Faint! LOL So after meeting the person in charge, I said good bye to the nice hall in my mind. :) I didn't think twice striking it off on my venue list! haha

The next venue we visited was the chalet. The rent is around 300+ SGD for an overnight stay of 2 RM chalet. The place is nice but we cannot bring food on a warmer - that will be considered outside catering already and they don't allow it. We can only bring food put on a regular container.

This is the inside. That is where I plan to put the party itself.

 This is the terrace outside. That's my hubby! haha.
 And the BBQ pit. We can have BBQ if we like. :)

We are also considering this if the condo function hall is not possible.

Last Sunday we visited Wild Wild Wet in Pasir Ris. 

I will be editing this blog for pictures we took, I left it at home.

They got nice package and honestly considering it. My daughter loves to swim and she can swim together with friends while having party celebration at the same time. We toured around and went home 50% decided to book one of the party slots.

In the evening I asked my daughter, would you like to have a party in the pool where you can swim the whole day and enjoy with friends or would you like a Disney princess party? She looked at me and answered without any hesitation, " I want to wear a crown, mom. I want to wear a dress like Snowhite. Pano ako dress, wet na yun sa water!" So there, she already decided what she wants, deal closed.

This week we are visiting a friend's friend who lives in a condo. There is still hope. Once we book the condo hall, I will start looking for decorations, catering services, hosts, etc.

Will update you. :)

Blessings ♥

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