Monday, May 10, 2010

P-3 to vote

So because I want to be involve and be part of the soon to be history of our country, I hurriedly went to the Philippine embassy last Friday before going home to cast my vote. Hurriedly because I was on half day at work and was suppose to be home asap as Hershey is not well and we might need to bring her to the hospital if shes still having high fever. But i thought that day will only be my chance so I took the train from the MRT station near our office (Raffles) then alight at Orchard station. Took the cab from Orchard to Nassim Road at 4 Sgd. But the other day I made sure I was on the list of voters before going to PhE, i found my name at the Singapore Pinoy Registered Voters ListWhen I entered the embassy, I was asked if I am voting so yes and was informed to enter the white airconditioned tent (parang ganito na tent na x2-3 ang laki), the receiving area, to start the process. When I'm in I was asked to show my singapore national ID (since we are permanent residents and this is the one i always bring along) or my passport. When my personal data was verified I was asked where did I know that they are conducting an election at the embassy? I was like, huh? Confused I answered, uuhmmm... I am a citizen and I know my right and we have tfc so we are quiet updated of what's happening back home. And where else will I think Pino abroad can vote? Are you serious with your question? Grrr. Never mind.

So I was informed to use the other door to exit and look for P3 to continue. Hmmmm... Para akong nasa adventure trek. So Philippines even when you are not really in the Philippines. *Sigh* This is my signage. A sign post nailed on this poor tree. They've got another one of this on a 2nd tree before I finally saw the entrance of P-3.

At last! But ooops, no picture taking allowed. Not good to know because I have a plan to blog about this experience especially how the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines really work. This is the first time the Philippines is using PCOS and Singapore is one of the lucky countries to try this out.
I went in and was briefly instructed how to do it. Fun! I was excited. I said to myself, this is it! I'm doing this for the love of my country. For the little hope I have that the Philippine will soon have the best leader there is.

Overseas absentee voting will be voting for Presential, VP, 12 senators and a party list. Easy. I don't have a list of senators and no choice of a party list yet. Honga pala, the absentee voting started last month April 10, Philippine Embassy Singapore have set a 30 days voting period for at least 31,000 Filipinos expected to cast their votes.

Okay so I was already holding the folder with the ballot. I chose the most private sit location because I will take pictures! :) And before I called Kuya to guide me on inserting the ballot into the machine, I took a pic. :) Who did I vote? Him. And it was because of conviction. I was looking for someone who is not corrupt, who is honest and God fearing so he is my super bet.

After roughly 10 minutes, I'm done. :)

And this is how the Philippine Embassy in Singapore looks like. We are not that far from home, really. kayang kayang mag tricycle or pedicab going here. LOL

GB Pinas!


  1. ahahah extension ba ng pinas mars! buti they allowed u to took a shot of the ballot heheh

  2. extension talaga! parang sa brgy lang di ba? LOL

    nakaw shot yun mars. kaya dun ako sa dulo umupo. :)

  3. Hi dearie! Thanks for following my blog. Oh, I so envy you. I missed the election here. Tsk-tsk. My bad...

    Lots of love,

  4. saw you from als list. :) thanks for following me too.

    dont miss it next time. =0)


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