Monday, May 17, 2010

PhotobookS Order Received

Update: Photobooks received. Below are the finished products of the pb I made online via, (PB) using their software Photobook Designer* which I downloaded for free.

After 1 week of confirming my order, I received the below e-mail from PB support:

Dear MARY ,
Thank you for the Photobook Order!
We are pleased to inform you that your Photobook order PBO0008290 has been shipped out on 2010-05-05 17:06:00.
The tracking number for your order is: 1527004441 and it will be shipped by Standard Courier.
Express Courier for Singapore: DHL Express (1-2 business days).

I wasn't expecting to receive it soon because I only chose Standard Courier which takes maybe 3-5 working days to arrive. To my surprise, I got the photobooks on the next day. Happy!

I made two photobooks. The first one was an 8x12, 40 pages softcover pb. It was for H's dedication and her 1st 12 months compilation photos. Supposedly this one would be a trial order but when I tried the software with the birthday pictures in the office and discovered the better way to do it, I pushed through the second project.

The second pb is an 11x11 square 40 pages imagewrap hard cover which I like better than the first. 

Rant, I can't find any. :) I'm happy with what I got on the price I paid.

Thanks Daddy for the pictures.


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