Thursday, May 20, 2010

I can't wait til IKEA day

Naku, it's already Thursday and I'm 1 sleep away from Friday. I love Friday because it is the last day of work for the week. Even if it is sometimes busy, it feels like it's not because my body and mind are ready for freedom in the next hours. 

When it is Friday, I am then 1 sleep away for Saturday. For 10 Saturdays, my husband and I will be stage parents to H who is into Weekend school at ACES Montessori. Although I really would love to sleep longer on Saturdays but since her class starts at 9.15AM, we have to wake up early to prepare.

If we don't have other plans on a Saturday, we just normally stay at home and wait for 5PM to prepare ourselves for Barkadahan Kay Kristo Saturday Service at the Salvation Army Changi corp. We used to have this Saturday service at my brother's place who is our pastor.

Sunday is ofcourse church day. We go to Lighthouse Evangelism in Tampines. usually the 11 AM service. After church, we go to IKEA to have lunch and do my stress reliever, shopping. This is my new mall. I really can't wait because I already have lists of things to buy from there. I want to organize all these remaining papers/folders/envelops clutter we have in our room so I am buying storage boxes. The white boxes here I think should work.
And 3 large Samla transparent boxes for our storage room. Our storage room is pretty messy and so aside from the storage boxes, I'm buying from Ikea their cheap but sturdy rack. 2 of them as the other one will be placed in the kitchen.
I'm also running out of scented candles. I particularly buy all the scents of Tindra scented candles.  
Ofcourse, we can't missed the Children's IKEA. I need small storage boxes for Hershey hair accesories. I don't know yet what exactly to buy. I also need something for her books.  I might get a basket for this so we can just place it anywhere in the room and would still look good. She has the Vesla storage boxes in all colors which we use keep her toys together with a cabinet na napulot lang. :)

Yaya shiela who is going home to Bacolod next month is also planning to buy Saxan towels. These towels that comes in different colors are number 1 pasalubong to the Philippines. It only costs 5 Sgd. :)

 I really hope I could buy them all. I want I want!


  1. Hi sis!

    Who hates shopping? I hate to say this but shopping makes me feel better too. LOL.

    Lots of love,

  2. hi sis. correct. :) atleast fair shopping ha. for the whole family. for our home. :D


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